Meet Buster Brown!

Today we're turning it over to Buster!

"Hi, I'm Buster Brown. I am not sure what happened, but someone found me lost and took me to their veterinarian who tried to find my owners, but no one claimed me. I was really scared and confused.

Lucky for me, things finally turned around. After 10 days of being inside a kennel, this nice lady offered to foster me at her home. She has two dogs and I like them a lot. We play all day in the backyard when my foster mom is at work, and then come inside to eat, play some more, and sleep.

She takes me to the dog park on the weekend and I get to play with lots of other dogs and many nice people pat me on the head and tell me what a beautiful dog I am. I hope to have a family all my own, and that thought makes me smile."

We found Buster through Birmingham's Animal Adoption and Rescue Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

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