Meet Sheldon!

Sheldon has made great improvements since he first came to rescue. He loves to interact with people and is very sociable. He loves to go for walks and gets along well with other dogs. His rescuers are confident that Sheldon will contine to improve if the adoptive family continues to work with him.

Sheldon is a male Yorki estimated at 4-5 years old that came to rescue from a puppy mill. The conditions where he came from were less than desirable. When considering adoption of a puppy mill dog, keep in mind they need lots of time and understanding as they have lived their lives in cages and used to breed litter after litter. The foster home is starting the process of socializing Sheldon, as human contact is usually minimal. Please realize that Sheldon will need lots of love and patience.

We found Sheldon through Prairie Paws Rescue in Jamestown, North Dakota.

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