Meet Rafa!

Today we're turning it over to Rafa!
"I'm a sweet little gentlman looking for a place where I can have someone all to myself. Well I guess I can share a mom or dad, but I don't want anybody to try and bully me around or take my food! Take me out for a walk so I can show you what a sweet guy I am!
I get very excited when I meet new people, my body just starts to wiggle all over! I enjoy a nice cushy bed and would love to spend time just cuddling! I'd be great for an apartment, and wouldn't mind living with someone who's single....afterall, I'm single too!"
You'll want to make sure you have a good document scanning system, so you can keep all of Rafa's papers in order!

We found Rafa through the Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California.

For more information about Raffa, click here!