Meet Spirit!

Beautiful Spirit came to Mariah's Promise from a kill shelter when she was six months old. She was adopted and in a home for four years, but was recently returned because she did not get along with the new female dog adopted by the family.

Horribly, when Spirit was returned she was skin and bones, new wounds and old wounds, and happy tail. (Dogs get this ailment by wagging their tails so much that the walls of the kennels split open the tips of their tails, causing infection in some cases and a bloody mess in most.)

Mariahs Promise tried to nurse the happy tail, but after three weeks her tail was still not healed, so the tip was clipped and has now healed wonderfully. Spirit has gained about 20 lbs. and now weighs in at 72 lbs!! Yeah! Now Spirit is ready for her new home!!!

We found Spirit through Mariah's Promise' in Divide, Colorado

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