Meet Dodger!

Dodger is a one year old neutered male Husky mix. He is mostly black with white and tan markings.

Dodger is a young dog with lots to learn and explore. Dodger would be a great dog for anyone and is good with other dogs and cats. He is medium in size at approximately 45 lbs. now and really enjoys his food.

He is definitely not an alfa but loves to play with the other three dogs he lives with. Two of them being a little bit smaller than him and the other one is a large lab. He has begun to sleep around the house instead of a kennel. He sleeps on the couch or under a bed. Dodger enjoys being where you are at but doesn't necessarily want to be on top of you. He's a great dog to have around.

We found Dodger through Paws Animal Rescue in Pierre, South Dakota.

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