Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet Goldie Hahn!

This is Goldie Hahn. She is a three year old female Golden Retriever.

Her owner had to relinquish her because he no longer has a place to live. She is the sweetest well mannered dog. She is great with other dogs and is completely house trained. It is unknown how she is with cats. Her rescuers think she would probably be ok with cats though.

This dog deserves a special home and will only be adopted to an indoor home with a fenced yard. She is currently not spayed but will be spayed before she leaves the shelter.

We found Goldie through York Adopt-A-Pet in York, Nebraska.

For more information about Goldie, click here!

2 woofs :

Natalie on american staffordshire terrier training

What a lovely dog! If only I have extra space in my apartment, I would have adopted her. But I don't think my amstaff, labrador and terrier wouldn't want another housemate.


I love golden retrievers best. I have a male golden retriever here one year of age. Spoiled puppy, if only I am somewhere near nebraska I would gladly adopt Goldie.