Meet Luke!

Luke is one of several puppies available. They will all likely be large dogs when fully grown.

The pups are parasite free, inside and out. Interceptor heartworm preventative is given the first of each month. Everyone is microchipped. Their main diet consists of high quality, dry puppy food and plenty of treats. Rawhide, squeaky latex toys and plush toys are favorites. Raw carrots are a snack that everyone enjoys.

All the puppies have the run of the shelter during the day and go in and out as they choose. Everyone shares at the food bowls. They come when they are called and each one is praised for doing so. The puppies are very good at entertaining themselves and it is obvious that they enjoy the hours that they can play together and explore. The wading pools are very popular for taking the plunge and cooling off. Thunder and lightening does not bother them. Playing in the rain is major fun.

All the pups are very social with every volunteer or visitor. Being cuddled, petted or played with is always the very best part of the day for each one of them. They are alert, curious and happy. Crate training is progressing well. A visible, secure, fenced yard is preferred.

We found Luke through Animal Placement Agency of the Windsors in West Windsor, New Jersey.

For more information about Luke, click here!

Meet Missy!

Missy is a female Shetland Sheepdog mix that is about 1 year old. She is partially housetrained and knows basic commands. She is good with other dogs and children.

You'll want to be sure and plan for some Sweet 16 Invitations for this cutie!

We found Missy through the Cecil County SPCA Inc./Eastern Shore Animal Rescue League in Chesapeake City, Maryland.

For more information about Missy, click here!

Meet Foxy!

Not much is known about Foxy, except that she is a bundle of joy who loves to play and give lots of kisses.

We found Foxy through the Kent County SPCA in Camden, Delaware.

For more information about Foxy, click here!

Meet Bette!

Bette is five year old female who was rescued from a shelter.

Bette is very sweet, and likes other dogs. She is current on her vaccines, she is spayed and she had her teeth cleaned.

Bette's owner must be willing to take her through a basic dog obedience class and provide proof of completion within four months of the adoption. Proof of enrollment in a dog obedience is required before/at the adoption.

We found Bette through Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic in Laurel, Maryland.

For more information about Bette, click here!

Meet Buster!

Looking for a furry someone to cuddle with? Well, look no further, Buster Beagle is here.

Buster is a charming 1.5 year old beagle who loves to romp and play with his foster beagle siblings and then curl up with his foster mom on the couch when he is worn out from that.

He is super sweet and affectionate with people he knows, but he does tend to be a bit reserved around strangers until he gets to know them. In the two weeks that Buster has been in the program, his foster mom has never heard him bark. He only whines when she first leaves for work or when she returns, but is very quiet otherwise.

We found Buster through the SPCA / Humane Society of Prince Georges County MD in Bowie, Maryland.

For more information about Buster, click here!

Meet Angel!

Angel is a 10 year old Eskimo Dog, who is housetrained, and good with other dogs and cats. He gets visibly uncomfortable around children, so he would be better in a home with adults.

Her rescuers aren't sure exactly why his former owner gave him up after after all this time. As part of the Spitz family, Eskies are intelligent and alert, but need regular brushing in order to look their best. Although officially a senior, Angel certainly doesn't act his age and this cute little guy will make a loving and warm companion for someone for years to come.

We found Angel through Animal Connections in Troy, Virginia.

For more information about Angel, click here!

Meet Raffles!

Raffles, an Australian Shepherd mix was a humane officer pick up. He looks to be purebred.

Raffles is great with all the other dogs and loves being with people.

We found Raffles through the Roane County Animal Shelter in Spencer, West Virginia.

For more information about Raffles, click here!

Meet Monty!

Mickey and Monty are two young JackRussell/beagle mix pups that were found abandoned in a rural community. They are a bit underweight, but they have been wormed and given their first puppy shot. Their appetites are good, and there weight is expected to soon normalize with regular feedings.

They are estimated to be 4 months old. It would be ideal to adopted these two brothers together, since they appear very dependent on one another for comfort and support. However, independent adoption will also be considered.

We found Monty through the Braxton County Animal Shelter in Sutton, West Virginia.

For more information about Monty, click here!

Meet Beanie Baby!

Beanie Baby is an adorable puggle mix(pug-beagle mix) who weighs about 25 pounds and is about 1 1/2 years old.

She is friendly with adults, children and other dogs. Her rescuers haven't had the opportunity to test her with cats. She is fully vetted, lively and affectionate and would make a great family pet.

Beanie Baby lived in a kennel for almost a year, and is learning what it is like to live in a house. She needs someone who will continue working on her manners and take her for walks.

We found Beanie Baby through Animal Connections in Troy, Virginia.

For more information about Beanie Baby, click here!

Meet Kate!

Kate is a lovely, gentle girl who'd like to live with a patient person who would make her feel loved and secure.

She came to rescue from a shelter where she was going to be euthanized two hours before they got her.

Kate is loving and kind and gets laong with everything. She likes to eat and be petted. She needs a little reasurance that all will be well, but can be a best friend. Kate likes to play with others, but isn't boisterous. Kate is a gentle soul looking for another gentle soul who will see the pure and good in her heart.

We found Kate through Peaceful Passings in Bremo Bluff, Virginia.

For more information about Kate, click here!

Keeping your cool dog cool in the heat of summer!

Summer is a great time to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!

But it can also be very hot at certain times of the summer, and there can be some dangers lurking!

Visit our new Squidoo Lens - Keeping your cool dog cool in the heat of summer! We've got lots of tips, info, products and ideas to help your cool dog beat the summer heat!

Meet Bandit!

Today we are turning it over to Bandit!

"My name is Bandit and I am quite the ladies man. Dont get me wrong I like guys just fine but I love the ladies! The way they walk, the way they talk, and the way they cuddle! I am generous with my kisses and thrive on belly rubs. I am an active, strong boy who likes every toy on the planet. I'm a great jogging buddy, too! I do well with other dogs and am learning to not chase the cat. I tend to jump around for joy when I am excited. Im very smart and attentive and even remember where you have carefully hidden the treats from me!

I know sit, shake, stay and speak. I am protective of my people and my yard but am a friendly boy when I know you are invited to be here. I like car rides now that I know we're going on adventures together. I got a chance to try my paw at agility recently and I looked pretty good out there!"
We found Bandit through Carolina ACD Rescue & Rebound in Siler City, North Carolina.

For more information about Bandit, click here!

Meet Strudel!

Strudel is as sweet as a toaster strudel pastry. He is full of personality and loves to play with his toys. Strudel gets along well with the dogs in his shelter play group.

He enjoys taking leash walks and 'hanging out' with his humans. Strudel spent some time alone on the streets before being brought to the HHAF shelter. This little fellow would rather be with humans than all alone on the cold lonely streets.

We found Strudel through Happy Hills Animal Foundation Inc., in Staley, North Carolina.

For more information about Strudel, click here!

Meet Buttercup!

Buttercup's race name was Nitro Buttercup. She is an active girl who loves to play!

Buttercup is a fun gal who would make a wonderful addition to any home. She is cat and small dog safe.

We found Buttercup through Project Racing Home in Randleman, North Carolina.

For more information about Buttercup, click here!

Meet Charleston!

Charleston is a sweet and affectionate girl. She hasn't been around any cats or kids. She is a medium energy girl who enjoys playing (she is still technically a puppy after all) but is happiest when she's hanging out with her humans.

She is great with dogs, but her playfulness may annoy older or laid back dogs. She is submissive, but friendly towards people. She was crate trained, but may need a refresher course to get her back on track as she spends most of her time outside. She is approx 40 lbs and her rescuers don't expect her to get any bigger. She occassionally will dig in the dirt to get cool, but does not dig to get out of the fenced in yard. Car rides make her a bit nervous, but she doesn't get car sick

We found Charleston through the Animal Protection League in Columbia, South Carolina.

For more information about Charleston, click here!

Meet Arley!

Arley is a great little boy whose family had to give him up due to "landlord issues". Please consider Arley as a new member of your family.

He is a total lovebug who would make a great lap dog. Arley would be best suited in a quiet home with the female gender. He has evidently been mistreated by a man and has recently decided kids aren't good people either.

We found Arley through SQ Rescue in Columbia, South Carolina.

For more information about Arley, click here!

Meet Elliott!

Elliott is between 1 and 2 years old. He is looking for a home where he will be a beloved companion and either the only dog or in the company of one other active dog.

Elliot is highly alert, full of personality and fun, typical of his breed, and he is all about being your friend. He walks nicely on a leash with a harness, is perfectly house trained, non-destructive, and open minded about cats.

We found Elliott through Buddy's Buddies Animal Rescue, Inc., in Avon Park, Florida.

For more information about Elliott, click here!

Meet Otter!

This is Otter! He's a handsome little stray looking for a fur-ever home. I bet he won't be in rescue long with his curious and friendly personality - so get in and meet him today!

We found Otter through the SPCA, Inc., in Lakeland, Florida.

For more information about Otter, click here!

Summer reading for dog lovers!

Are you looking for a good book to dig into this Summer?

I love a good book...a suspenseful mystery, an amazing true story, or a great fictional tail! And the dog days of Summer is our favorite time to read a good book.

So we got to thinking about some great reads that dog lovers would really enjoy this Summer and came up with this list of our new favorite books just for dog lovers!

We hope you enjoy our Summer reading for dog lovers! lens and be sure and add your own favorite book!

Meet Lola!

This is little Lola. She has more definitive boxer markings than her siblings and is a bit smaller. But size does not keep this gal from playing just as hard. She has a spunky personality and would love to kiss you today!

We found Lola through Animal Rescue Foundation Inc., in Milledgeville, Georgia.

For more information about Lola, click here!

Super tough dog toys!

If you're looking for some super tough dog toys for your tough dog, look no further!

We've put together a page about the toughest dog toys on the planet, the toughest of the tough. From the Indestructible Hurley and the Tuffies tough series of toys to the new Vibram series of dog toys, we've got 'em!

Sit back and put your paws up. We know you'll find just what you need!

Meet Sarge!

This is Sarge! Sarge is a very sweet boy who is very well behaved. He loves attention and is waiting for his furever home!

We found Sarge through All About Animals Rescue in Macon, Georgia.

For more information about Sarge, click here!

Keep your pup safe in the car this summer!

Summertime is a great time to hit the open road, take some nice long weekend trips, or short jaunts to the park.

When you're out and about with your dog, be sure and secure them safely in the car, K? A dog loose in the car can be very dangerous for your dog and for you!

Read up on Car Safety for Dogs in our Squidoo lens, and find lots of great info and products to help keep everyone safe during your Summer travels!

Meet Tom Tom!

Tom Tom is a joy! He's happy, sweet, and gets along with everyone. He's housebroken, uses a doggie door, and dances for his dinner. He has dry eye and must have drops in his eyes twice a day. He is a perfect gentleman about it. Tom Tom is probably about eight years old.

We found Tom Tom through Furry Friends Animal Rescue in Thompson Station, Tennessee.

For more information about Tom Tom, click here!

Learn CPR for your dog!

Knowing how to perform CPR (or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and the Heimlich Maneuver on your dog are two of the most important things you can know to help save your dog when they are choking or stop breathing!

Dogs can stop breathing for a variety of reasons, everything from electrocution to choking to drowning or an accident. And they can choke from ingesting toys or even large treats.

Please bone up on the basics and check out our Squidoo lens - Learning CPR for your Dog. It's always good to be prepared, you may just be able to save your dog's life!

Meet Pounder!

Pouncer is a special guy that has been pulled from the animal shelter in Newport, Tennessee. He is safe in a friend's boarding facility, but we need some help in getting him placed.

Pouncer is a Boxer/Am Bulldog mix who is full of personality and love. Unfortunately, he has also lost an eye and is mostly deaf. He was sponsored at the last minute, so he has been completely vetted and is heartworm negative.

Pouncer is a very special boy!! He is a 60 lb, boxer/American Bull Dog mix who lived his whole life on a chain. Pouncer is about two years old and has a very outgoing personality! He just loves everyone and is very affectionate. Like many mostly white dogs, Pouncer is partially deaf and due to an eye injury, only has vision in one eye. It doesn't slow him down at all and Pounce is learning obedience with hand signals.

Pouncer is completely healthy otherwise and has been neutered, has all of his shots, a microchip and is heartworm negative. Pounce is also good in the car and loves to be washed and brushed. As he is a strong boy with a lot of puppy in him, Pouncer would not do well with small children.

We found Pounder through Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue in Brentwood, Tennessee.

For more information about Pounder, click here!

Everybody Rally-O!

Have you heard about Rally-O? It's a great sport for any dog, young or old.

Originally devised by Charles L. "Bud" Kramer, Rally Obedience is a form of dog obedience with a twist - a total focus on fun and excitement for the dog, handler and spectator.

Dog and handler teams follow a set course, performing the exercise indicated by 10-20 consecutive signs. Signs are numbered to indicate the course the handler and dog take during the performance.

If you're interested in learning more about Rally-O, visit our Squidoo Lens!

Meet Pearl!

Pearl is a wonderful deaf white Boxer puppy that needs a new home. Pearl is working on housebreaking, create training and some basic obedience while in foster care. Living with a deaf dog is very rewarding, they are attentive and can also feel good about doing your part in rescue.

So many deaf dogs are over looked, but they have so much to give to the right family. They require a fenced yard for a safe place to potty and play off leash. For more information on living with a deaf dog, visit our Squidoo Lens about Deaf Dogs!

We found Pearl through Central KY Boxer Rescue Inc., in Danville, Kentucky.

For more information about Pearl, click here!

Handicapped dogs!

Did you know that there are some great organizations that are helping dogs with handicaps live a fun, healthy and normal life?

Yep, that's right, just take a good look at this vid!

For more information you may want to check out our Squidoo Lens - Dogs Having a Great Life with Disabilities! And visit Handicapped Pets and Eddie's Wheels, they have doggie wheel chairs, knee braces and much more, just like the humans!

Dogs are amazing creatures...and deserve a second chance at life, check it out!

Meet Boo Dawg!

Today we're turning it over to Boo Dawg!

"Yo, I am Boo Dawg hanging with the Forever Friends at Central KY Regional Humane Society. I am a fun loving and very active dog. I'm a little on the shy side, but I warm up when I feel safe and secure. Come see me while I am waiting for my Forever Home. It could be you dawg! Come on!"
We bet Boo Dawg would love the water, so you may want to look into metal detectors underwater, so you can both hunt for treasures! We found Boo through the Central KY Regional Humane Society in Lancaster, Kentucky.

For more information about Boo Dawg, click here!

Meet Walker!

Walker has managed to keep his sweet and loving nature in spite of his six months of confinement at the shelter. He is only a year old and has spent half of his life behind bars.

Walker arrived to rescue as a stray on 1-9-1. He has matured and now weighs 45 pounds. He is a very handsome young fellow and is tolerant, friendly, outgoing and likes toys. Walker has recieved his DHPP vaccinations while at the shelter. He is great with most other dogs, but needs to be neutered very soon.

We found Walker through the Saginaw County Animal Care Center in Saginaw, Michigan.

For more information about Walker, click here!

Meet Molly!

Molly is a Lakeland mix. Her puppies look like Lakeland Terriers. She was rescued from a backyard breeder and she's a beautiful apricot color. She was so matted and overgrown so she had to be shaved.

Molly is four years old. She has been brought up to date on all her health care. She has been spayed, heartworm tested and is on prevention. She is up to date on all vaccinations. Molly weighs 10 lbs. and is crate trained.

Molly is great with adults. She is very affectionate, very active and playful. She was very good on the grooming table. She would prefer to be an only dog and is ideal for a home with love to give to a small dog. She will be devoted and since she is a small dog she has many years of companionship to give. She is a runner so a fenced yard is mandatory.

Meet Trigger!

Trigger, is one year old, born on April 9, 2010. He's crate trained, leashed trained, and very smart.

An experienced handler is recommended with Trigger, along with a home with no small children. Trigger is good with dogs, and a happy, healthy boy. He's somewhat wary of strangers at first, and very protective, so he will need reinforced training. Trigger also doesn't know how to make friends, so would need some obedience classes and socialization.

We found Trigger through Ohio Rottweiler Rescue in Delaware, Ohio.

For more information about Trigger, click here!

Meet Holly!

Holly is about 2 years old and 12 lbs. She is shy, so will need a patient, gentle owner. Holly has a cute habit of throwing herself on her back and showing her belly to strangers.

Holly is a very sweet girl, and just wants to be cuddled and loved. She's working on housebreaking, and will need some patience with that. She gets along great with other dogs and cats, and follows her foster Mom around everywhere.

We found Holly through Thirdtyme Rescue in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

For more information about Holly, click here!

Meet Kitty Cowgirl!

Kitty was found as a stray by the Lapel Animal Clinic. After fixing up her rear right leg that she had injured somewhere they tried very hard to find her parents.

Several weeks passed without luck so, they contacted OLBH asking them to take her in. Kitty is a dollbaby! But she is a working dog looking for a place to do what she does best, herd!

We found Kittie through Our Lil Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Poland, Indiana.

For more information about Kitty, click here!

Meet AJ!

AJ came to rescue through a third party who saved him from an abusive and neglectful situation. He lost his leg due to neglect after it was broken. He also has a permanent scare on the top of his head that looks like either a burn or the skin being scraped off the top of his head.

Despite all that he is still extremely sweet. He is a little slow to warm up to new surroundings, but once he comes around he just wants a lap to sit in and a human to love him. He is housebroken and crate trained. He loves to show his toys who's boss.

We found AJ through 911 Pet Rescue, Inc., in Centerpoint, Indiana.

For more information about AJ, click here!

Meet Romeo!

Meet little "Romeo" a three year old purebred male Shih-Tzu. He was relinquished to Wish Bone, as his owner felt she had too many dogs.

Romeo weighs fifteen pounds and is a beautiful chocolate color- with lots of personality. He is friendly with other similar sized dogs, and loves people; and you won't need a payday loans to take this little guy home! If you could give this sweet little guy a permanent lap to sit on, please apply today! Romeo has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm and fecal tested, and is on flea and heartworm preventatives.

We found little Romeo through Wish Bone Rescue in Bloomington, Illinois.

For more information about Romeo, click here!

Meet Glacier!

Glacier is a very sweet, two-three year old boy who loves attention. Look at his Happy Smile!

We found Glacier through the Story Co. Animal Shelter in Nevada, Iowa.

For more information about Glacier, click here!