Meet Cora!

Cora is a pretty mixed breed puppy born about the first of March. She may be a Lab and Boxer mix.

Cora is a happy girl and enjoys playing. She's had her spay surgery and is ready to be adopted into her forever home. With love and attention Cora will make a faithful family pet. Remember, puppies require lots of patience and attention.

We found Cora through Danville - Boyle County Humane Society & Mutts With Manners in Danville, Kentucky.

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Meet Cricket!

We're turning it over to Cricket today!

"Hey Everybody I am Cricket and I am hanging out with the Forever Friends of Central Kentucky Regional Humane Society in Lancaster, Kentucky.

I am a young male who is full of energy and loves to play, jump, spin, twirl, flip and who knows what else, when I get excited.

I know for now I am in a safe place and I am being well taken care of. But, I can't wait to get in to my Forever Home. If you want to come see me, then I am waiting on you to come take me a walk."

We found Cricket through the Central KY Regional Humane Society in Lancaster, Kentucky.

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Meet Junior!

Junior is a very energetic boy who needs a big privacy fenced in yard. He is capable of jumping 4ft & 6ft chain link fences.

He is very good at listening especially when told to sit. He is a beautiful boy who just needs to be given a chance.

We found Junior through Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue in Colfax, Illlinois.

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Meet Malony!

Malony is the the sweetest three year old, 20 pound cocker you'll ever meet. This guy gets around great, even though he is blind.

He is fantastic with other dogs and cats, and even housebroken! He's so sweet and deserves a very loving home that doesn't mind that he is blind... because he doesn't seem bothered by it! Don't miss out on a really fantastic boy who needs a most loving home!

We found Malony through Rescue Farm in Poland, Indiana.

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Meet Joey!

Joey is a Sheltie x Border Collie cross and a beautiful Tri male. He's two years old, and 28 pounds.

This boy is tons of fun! He's very energetic, playful, and friendly. He's make an excellent agility dog. Joe loves other dogs and all people.

We found Joey through the Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Meet Klondike!

This is a fabulous Great Pyrenees named "Klondike."

He was found dodging traffic along a busy interstate in southern Ohio, near the West Virginia border. A good Samaritan saved him from certain death.

Klondike has a heart of gold. He loves affection, leans his huge head against your body to be petted. Extremely calm, gentle and well mannered. Gets along fine with other dogs and fine with cats. He actually looks kinda silly right now..... someone shaved his body for the summer, yet his head and tail remain verrry fluffy!

We found Klondike through Thirdtyme Rescue in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

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Meet Freckles!

Today, we're turning it over to Freckles!

"My name is Freckles and I am 9 months old. My mom is a yellow lab and dad is an otterhound. I love to give kisses to my foster mom and run the yard with my siblings.

I am good with people but need a loving home to continue my training & socialization. I am up-to-date with my shots and neutered. And, I will be microchipped soon."

We found Freckles through the Humane Society of Morrow County in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

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Meet Dana!

Dana is beautiful older lab who just loves human companionship. We found her in South Carolina.

Her owner was an elderly woman who had just passed away and her family didn't want to keep her. They took her to the local humane society. Her rescuers were so attracted to Dana because of her gentle and sweet nature. She loves being brushed and really enjoys being a pretty lady. She still has a lot of spring to walk and run with no signs of hip or back problems.

We found Dana through Homeward Bound Animal Rescue in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

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Meet Justin!

Are you looking for a hiking and running buddy with whom you can share in all the fun - well, then Justin is the boy for you!

This young guy is a real sweetheart who is currently enrolled in the HOPE (Hounds of Prison Education) Program and making phenomenal progress in the training department!

Justin is about 2 years old and had minimal physical and mental stimulation in the early stages of his life. When he first entered the program, Justin needed help learning how to focus on his handler, control his urges to chase and learn how to greet people without jumping or mouthing. Justin has made significant progress in every area he needed to and was most recently given the green light to be taken out to public events!

Just is a super smart boy with loads of energy. As such, no "couch potato" owners need apply. This boy loves people and attention - and must have an owner willing to exercise him. You also may want to look into an op to buy a composter online, and keep it green and healthy in your yard and in your home!

We found Justin through Furry Friends Network in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.

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Meet Gypsy!

Gypsy can JUMP!!!

She may make a great friend, and Frisbee girl. She is very active, and will be great for outdoor fun. And she is housebroken, and will do well inside as well. She is approximately 3 years old, and a happy, friendly girl.

We found Gypsy through Delaware Valley Humane Society in Sidney, New York.

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Meet Simon!

We're turning it over to Simon today!

"I'm a handsome fellow that would love to share my life with you. I've lived with two other dogs before, my mother Tasha and sister Shelby. I'm eager to take regular walks again, and also have the comfort of having a place to lay my head at night. At only 4 years old, I have great potential, and would be willing to learn in return for the affection that youll give me.

Please give me a second chance. My name is Simon and I'm a very affectionate Husky -- something that is somewhat opposite of what Huskies can be! I love to give hugs and I'm very loyal. I am housetrained and know some basic commands. I share a kennel with two canine companions, but I have to be honest and say I'd prefer to be the only pet so I can have your one and only attention."

Meet Sonic!

Sonic is a fun loving dog that was rescued from a high kill shelter, sight unseen. They said he was part Catahoula and was scheduled to die and his rescuers just took him at the 11th hour.

He needed some weight put on him, he was a bag of bones, but he is looking better every day now and on good food. He has one blue eye. He has a coat like a Golden Retriever and also looks to have a little hound in him as well.

Sonic is a bit vocal and loves to play with his buddy Dobby. He is crate trained and house trained

We found Sonic through Catahoula Rescue Inc. New England in Warren, Maine.

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Meet Dante!

This is Dante a Shar-Pei mix. He is handsome and an intelligent guy. He is also very adoptable.

This boy would be perfect for someone with a secure fenced yard because Dante likes to roam. He has already tried it once, and until he is totally comfortable with his new family, he needs a secure yard.

He does get along with some other canines. They happily share a pen during nice summer days. Who can resist that lovable Elvis-grin? Dante would be perfect for a single older lady, or maybe an older couple without children.

We found Dante through Charley's Strays in Clinton, Maine.

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Meet Luke!

Today we're turning it over to Luke!

"I am a handsome dog who loves to call my crate home! I am eager to meet you and am ready for any adventure that may come our way!
I was surrendered by my owner on April 6 because he became homeless. You know those dogs that you see hooked out all the time? Well, before I came here, that was me so I have a lot of pent up energy to burn and cuddle time to catch up on!
I have been going to a local doggie day care for some much needed socialization and it has proven to be a good start for me. They say I get along well with other dogs and like people! I am looking for a home with kids over 12 (I've only lived with teenagers before) and no cats (way too exciting for me to handle!). I need a lot of exercise so a fenced in yard and a dog friend would be great too."
We found Luke through Rutland County Humane Society in Pittsford, Vermont.

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Meet Murphy!

A gentle, loving and tolerant dog, Murphy has the makings of an ideal family pet.

Originally found abandoned at a gas station, Murphy was taken in by a loving family who unforunately could not afford to keep him permanently. During his time with them, he lived happily with a very young child and formed a friendship with their other dog.

He has the potential to be a fun and loyal friend for kids and a great addition to a multi-dog household. Murphy thinks it is pretty fun to chase small animals such as chickens and cats, so he will do best in a home where he will not frequently interact with such critters. He is housebroken and knows basic obedience commands such as sit, but he would love to learn more advanced skills in the obedience class that comes with his adoption.

We found Murphy through the Central Vermont Humane Society in East Montpelier, Vermont.

Meet Lucca!

You gotta love that crooked teeth smile!! Lucca is a gorgeous Olde English Bulldogge but her name is all Italian, and, for those non-Italians out there, Lucca means light! I don't think that bulldogs can be considered "light" in size, but she certainly is light in color!

Lucca may have a "well travelled" name, but the truth is that she has not seen a lot of the world and would be very happy to go out an explore the fields and woods of Connecticut!

We found Lucca through Our Companions Domestic Animal Sanctuary in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

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Meet Sage!

Sage is a very sweet and vibrant young dog. She was found wandering the streets of Meriden, and was taken into the dog pound where as you guessed it..... no one came to claim her.

She has been a terrific dog and has learned a great deal in her training sessions. She is a fun loving girl who wants to be your one and only (as snuggling is her favorite passion). Although there are times she gets along well with dogs, she tends to pick and choose. Her rescuers have found that she does not do well with small dogs at all, so they will not adopt to a home where there is a small child running around, nor a home with a cat.

Sage will need to be kept in a training program where she could keep up with the basic skills she has learned here..

We found Sage through Meriden Humane Society in Meriden, Connecticut.

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Meet Princess!

Meet Princess! Princess is an energetic, happy-go-lucky six year old Shep/Chowd mix, who had a tough upbringing.

As a puppy, she was found tied to a post outside a convenient store in the pouring rain. The young couple that found her, initially provided shelter for her, but did not have the time and energy to invest in Princesss full care. She was often kept in a dirty crate for long periods (sometimes all day), fed whatever was available in the house, was never walked or taken outside to go to the bathroom; and was given no veterinary care.

The couple decided to bring Princess to a shelter, but a neighbor intervened to find Princess a good home. This neighbor is now providing Princess with a loving foster home. Princess loves the care and love but she is eagerly awaiting a permanent home.

Once you get Princess home, we know you'll want to upgrade and find clearance laptops so you can upload lots and lots of pics of sweet Princess!

We found Princess through PittieLove Rescue Inc., in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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Meet Reece!

Today we're turning it over to Reece!

Heya, how goes it?
I'm Reese and you won't find a sweeter boy than me. My foster mom says I'm one of the best she's ever met! If you commit to giving me a great forever home, in return I will love you and be incredibly loyal.
We can go for long walks together or just curl up and chill out in the house. That's really what I do best. And swim! Did I mention that I love to swim!?! If I sound like a good match for you and you're ready to get some of the best cuddles ever, come see me today! you definitely will not be disappointed."
We found Reece through Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton Inc., in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

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Meet Brian!

Brian is a very sweet dog.

Although he's not terribly fond of cats, this trait hardly makes him un-adoptable since his rescuers know he would be a wonderful companion for a family to feel part of the pack.

Brian will require some extra training. He is very food motivated and very smart, so with the right family willing to take the time to teach him, he will blossom into a world class dog!

We found Brian through the New Hampshire Humane Society in Laconia, New Hampshire.

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Meet Clover!

Clover is a Beagle/Husky mix weighing about 40 lbs. and gets along fine with all her foster dog friends.

Clover has arthritis in her hind end, so when she does laps in the fenced backyard she sometimes gets a little stiff. But she will make a great companion for a quiet home!

We found Clover through Libby's Haven for Senior Canines in Canterbury, New Hampshire.

For more information about Clover, click here!

Meet Stymie!

Calling all senior lovers!! Stymie is a happy 12 year old brindle boy who walks beautifully on leash and gets along with children and cats.

He cannot climb stairs very well and would prefer a one floored home. Since he's getting older, Stymie cannot stand for very long and would love a warm bed to call his own.

We found Stymie through Greyhound Friends Inc., in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

For more information about Stymie, click here!

Meet Keebler!

Keebler is a cattle dog. Once she gets to know you she is the most loyal, loving dog you can find!

She needs exercise and structure, so an active owner with some dog experience would be best. She loves to run the yard and has a great time. After a long day we bet you'll want to start a nice fire, get the fireplace mantels all decorated and cuddle up for a nice fall evening with her. Her rescuers adore her and think she is awesome, bet you will too!

We found Keeber through the Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton Inc., in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

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Meet Tank!

Tank is called Tank because he really thinks he is a tank!

He is a solid intact male pit bull terrier and will need some obedience training. He loves to play and romp around, but he is a bull in a China shop so to speak.

Tank is learning basic commands and is slobbery when taking a cookie because he wants them so badly.

Because of his size his rescuers recommend a home with and an experienced adopter and children that are over 12 years of age. Younger children would most likely be knocked over by his exuberance.

We found Tank through Cromwell Animal Control in Cromwell, Connecticut.

For more information about Tank, click here!

Meet Joey!

Joey is three years old and is a very handsome Cocker.

He looks like he may have a little Saint Bernard in him with his droopy brown eyes and big jowls.

Joey was purchased from a puppy mill when he was a puppy and then forgotten about as he grew older. He was never properly socialized, so he will need a home that is willing to work on training and socialization.

We found Joey through the Meriden Humane Society in Meriden, Connecticut.

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Meet Moose!

Moose is a big boy and around 2 -3 yrs old. His rescuers think he is a mastiff/ rotti mix.

Moose will need an experienced adult home. He is crate trained, seems to do ok with dogs that are dog friendly and he walks well on leash.

He has a goofy personality once he knows you and will need guidance and rules to follow. We also recommend you look into having a nice fence for Moose. You could look at lowe's coupons like we did to get all the materials you need!

We found Moose through the Warwick Animal Shelter in Warwick, Rhode Island.

For more information about Moose, click here!

Meet Herman!

Super sweet, little Herman needs a forever family!

He is four months old and is such a doll; loves to play and to be close to where you are. Herman is neutered and up to date on all shots.

He loves other dogs and kids and would definitely want a sterling silver pandora as a welcome to the family gift!

We found Herman through Ryan's Hope Rescue in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

For more information about Herman, click here!

Meet Nike!

Nike is a darling girl who just loves to play. She's a beauty and will easily win anyone's heart. Her energy and eagerness makes her a fun companion.

We found Nike through The Humane Society in Binghamton, New York.

For more information about Nike, click here!

Meet Mallory!

Mallory was 15 weeks old on July 16. At times she looks like a shepherd when her ears are up, but more border collie when her ears are floppying down.

Mallory is so sweet, but extremely timid and shy. It takes her days before she trusts people and will need guardians who are especially patient, kind, and soft-spoken. She can't be forced into doing things, but she is food motivated and will try new things if given time.

She is completely happy playing with other dogs of all sizes and ages. She gains confidence by watching other dogs and we prefer that she goes to a home that has another easy-going dog. She is kind to cats. Because her flight response when startled by loud noises or unfamiliar things is strong she needs to go to a home that can provide a fenced in yard.

We found Mallory through Every Dogs Dream in Greene, New York.

For more information about Mallory click here!

Meet Triscuit!

This is Triscuit a Male Maltese/Yorkie/JRT mix who is 4-5 months old.

He does well with other dogs, cats and gentle children. He weighs about 10lbs. and is white with tan markings. His rescuers will be working with him daily on housetraining, cratetraining and leashtraining. He is up-to-date with his shots, dewormed and neutered. Triscuit is a sweet boy who loves to go for walks and warms up quickly to new people.

We found Triscuit through All 4 The Dogs Rescue in Roosevelt, New Jersey.

For more information about Triscuit, click here!

Meet Bailey!

Bailey is a bronze colored, handsome Pekingese. He is small, lithe, wiry, with long flowing hair, and little dynamo of energy, full of curiosity. He was brought to rescue in November, '09, because of a bite. But he had been in the wrong household for a Peke.

Bailey is very smart...he knows sit, lie down, stay, and is great on a leash. He travels well. And his curiosity..he must have felt his life was sheltered, for he's always exploring. Sometimes, too, we have trouble finding him, if he's out in a run he picks a place to watch things happen, but where he can't be seen.

Bailey is 5 years old (DOB 9/5/2005). He weighs 17 lbs. He is in excellent health. He had Lyme Disease in the past before he came to us, but it was well treated...though it may have accounted for some of his crankiness with the family.
Bailey H.would like to find another home, with a Peke person, and no children to bother him.

We found Bailey through Small Dog Rescue in Princeton, New Jersey.

For more information about Bailey, click here!