Meet Gus!

Happy Gus is a young border collie mix, a light dog with long legs (35 lbs) very sweet and happy boy who just wants to please everyone.

He had a rough life and needs some pampering. Gus would do well in a home with a fenced back yard and plenty of other dogs to play with. He likes car rides and is very quiet and well behaved in the car. He would love to have a family with kids!

Gus is now accustomed to being kenneled during the day, and is crate trained, but he does likes going to doggie daycare best of all. Gus would like a very stable routine and some obedience training, which can be so rewarding with a smart, young, healthy dog like Gus.

He is a dream dog as far as personality goes. He is not needy, if you are busy, he will lay down in his dog bed and watch you instead of being underfoot, he stays off furniture and he is 100% house trained.

We found Gus through Paws Playhouse Rescue in Ames, Iowa.

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