Meet Shyloh!

Shyloh is a 5 month old neutered male Shepherd/Lab mix puppy. He is white, with shades of very light tan and cream color. His ears stand up, with the tips folded over.

He is learning so many new things, and gets very excited when praised and cheered. Shyloh is busy, but always has a minute to show affection to his human family members. He loves food rewards for tasks well done, like house training, walking well on leash, come and sit. He seems to enjoy his bath. Shyloh is also working very hard to reduce his mouthing.

Shiloh is crate trained, and is finding his crate is a pretty nice place to eat, sleep, and relax. He is young, but does fuss and whine when he needs to go out. He sleeps all night, quietly in his crate with his blankets, chews, and stuffed animals to keep him company

We found Shyloh through Paws Animal Rescue in Pierre, South Dakota.

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