Meet Lucy!

Lucy is a super sweet girl that needs a lot of patience. She has had a very confined life with very little contact. Lucy was kept in a small kennel indoors for more than 10 hours a day and only had a small pen to run in outside. Because of her past, Lucy has trouble trusting new people, but, once she knows you she will love you forever!

Lucy will tend to bond to one person and needs lots of socialization to continue her path to trusting people again. Lucy would benefit from daily runs at a dog park or plenty of walks and trips to pet stores. If you would like to bond with this sweet, stunning girl, please contact us! Lucy is great with dogs, cats, and kids! She's super healthy so you won't have to worry about taking her somewhere where there will be medical scrubs!

We found Lucy through People Helping Paws Pet Food Pantry in Jefferson City, Missouri.

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