Meet Katie!

Katie is an absolutely gorgeous purebred Pekingese who was rescued from a shelter. She weighs 12.5 pounds, and the vet estimates that she is 5 years old.

She is a gentle little girl who loves to be close to a person as much as possible. Katie has been spayed, had her immunizations brought up to date, tested negative for heartworms and started on preventative. She has also had a dental cleaning.

She is doing fairly well with her housetraining and is willing to use pads if necessary. Katie will not be placed in a home with children under the age of 14 or with a dog weighing more than 25 pounds.

We found Katie through Little Bits Rescue & Adoption in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Meet Hiawatha!

Hiawatha is a sweet girl, waiting to find the perfect home! She's gentle and great with children... but also very playful! Come meet her today!

Oh and while you're at it, you may want to pick up an dlp projector and get ready for some great entertainment by your new pup!

We found Hiawatha through BJC Animal Control Services in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Meet Raylan!

Raylan, along with his buddy Abby, was recently rescued from a very scary situation where the owner was threatening to shoot his dogs.

Thanks to the collective efforts of a local rescue organization and WRS, Raylan is now safe.

Raylan is a super fun dog and would be great to take on that outdoor barbeque,tailgating, or whatever fun outdoor loving meat grilling opportunity you're interested in!

We found Raylan through Weimaraner Rescue of the South in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Have a little fun with your dog and help the Earth at the same time!

March 31st is a big day! At 8:30 PM all over the World people, and dogs, will be turning off their lights for Earth Hour!

What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a global grass-roots movement encouraging individuals, businesses and governments around the world to take positive actions for the environment, and celebrating their commitment to the planet by switching off their lights for one designated hour.

This year is a special year for Earth Hour. As part of the "I Will If You Will" challenge, Raise A Green Dog is teaming up with Castor Pollux Pet Works!

If we get 100 dogs to commit to learning how to turn off their lights for Earth Hour, Castor Pollux will donate 1000 meals to dogs in need!

You don't have to be an expert trainer, or an expert trick dog! Just give it your best shot and have some fun! Here's our challenge, watch it if you dare:

If you'd like to help your dog learn how to turn off the lights for Earth Hour and take our challenge, here are two great vids to help teach your dog to turn off the lights, be more eco-friendly, save energy, reduce your carbon pawprint, turn your dog green, and participate in this Worldwide environmental movement:

How to teach your dog to turn off a wall light switch.
How to teach your dog to turn off a floor lamp switch.

So get pawin', turning off the lights is a great green skill for your green dog! And don't furget to take our 'I Will if You Will' Challenge! Click to take the dare!

Meet E'Or!

E'Or was rescued from a city street after begging for food. He is a great guy who make you laugh just to be around him.

His ears are something to behold. He is very trainable and would make a super family addition. He needs a yard to run and play in and a warm bed at night. And he's super healthy so you won't have to look into laser back surgery!

We found E'Or through Real Rescue Inc., in Arcadia, Oklahoma.

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Meet Toby!

My name is Toby!

The think I'm probably a Terrier/Corgi mix. about 25-30 lbs and 2 years old.

I came from a shelter as a stray and have been in a new foster home. It takes me just a few days to get adjusted to a new situation, but during that time I like to right by your side.

I have one blue eye and a long tail that wags a lot, I am about the size of Corgi with longer legs and slimmer in the middle. I tend to want to be in charge of the dog pack, but if you dont mind being happy go lucky and play all the time, you will be my best friend. I'm well behaved, house trained and dreaming about my forever home.

We found Toby through Oklahoma Russell Rescue Inc., in Harrah, Oklahoma.

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Meet Gigi!

Gigi is an adorable little girl who was pulled from the local shelter. She was abandoned by her owner. She is a real character and loves to be given attention.

She is sweet loves her toys and being scratched behind the ears and under her chin. She will be a small dog and currently weighs about 18 pounds. She will do well with children or adults. There is a cat in our household, but they have not been interacting.

She does get along with other dogs and would love to become part of her own family. She has been to the veteranarian and been spayed, has all shots up to date, is heartworm negative and on preventative medication for heartworm.

We found Gigi through SafHaven Animal Rescue Society in McLoud, Oklahoma.

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Meet Lily!

Lilly is five years old and a a typical Lab. She loves to retrieve balls and rub up next to you.

We found Lilly through the Georgetown Animal Shelter in Georgetown, Texas.

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Meet Spice!

Spice came from a rescue organization in Fort Worth that was dissolved. She is skittish at first, until she gets used to her new surroundings.

She does not like loud noises, needs a calm environment with a secure fenced yard. She would love to just lie at your feet and be petted or have her back scratched and ears rubbed.

We found Spice through Love to Spare in Eddy, Texas.

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Meet Ollie!

My name is Oliver Twist (Ollie) for short.

I am a Pomeranian/Rat Terrier mix and I weigh about 10 pounds right now. My foster mom rescued me and my brother from the bad place where we were born. My foster mom called it a "Puppy Mill." I don't know what that is, but I do know that I didn't like it there.

The day my foster mom got me, I didn't have any food or water in my small dirty pen and it was over 100 degrees outside. My foster mom picked me up and I screamed because I wasn't used to being touched by people. My foster family was very patient with me and now they say that

I am ready for a forever home. Now I love being held and cuddled. I love giving people kisses. My foster family has a toddler and I am very gentle with her. I am a spunky, playful little guy. I am about 7 months old now and can't wait to find my forever home!

We found Ollie through Forever Homes in Kempner, Texas.

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Meet Maverick!

"My name is Maverick!

I am a great little guy. I was found wondering with my buddie Bella. This nice lady took us in and is taking great care of us. I love my foster mom and am always trying to get her to play with me. I love to be in her arms and to be petted.

I am a little shy around strangers but slowly warm up. I walk OK on a leash and am working on my house manners. I will be an excellent companion for a couple or a single person. I am not wild about children so it would be best if they were not in my forever home."

We found Maverick through Critter Cavalry Rescue in Franklin, Tennessee.

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Meet Ghost!

Ghost is a threeyear old male Caucasian Shepherd who weighs about 115 lbs.

Ghost has an extensive story as he was believed to be an urban myth in the small town of Cullman, Alabama. People reported seeing a small horse in the dark of the night coming into their yards to visit their dogs. After years of sightings, animal control was finally able to bring Ghost in.

Trainer John Stolzer with Canine Inc was willing to take Ghost into his program for us. It has taken many many months of socialization and training to get Ghost ready to be someone's working dog, but we feel he is absolutely there now!!!

Ghost is a true Guardian dog and we are only looking for a home that his this type of experience and can supply him with the job that he needs. Ghost enjoys the company of other dogs and would do well working as part of a pair.

We found Ghost through Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue in Thompson's Station, Tennessee.

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Meet Spanky!

Spanky is a 1 year old dog. His family lost their home so he did too. He was with a family with kids and gets along great with kids. He is good with other dogs. He tries to to herd cats. He has stayed mostly outdoors.

We found Spanky through Mercer Humane Society in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

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Meet Tucker!

"Hello I'm Tucker!

I am a favorite around the humane society because I am so sweet. I love to get and give attention. I get along well with everyone two legged and four legged. I am gentle, but playful. And I'm adorable to boot.

Come check me out and see why you'll want to spend forever with me."

We found Tucker through Boyle County Humane Society & Mutts With Manners in Danville, Kentucky.

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Meet Taz!

Taz is a great little guy - very sweet but very active! His current foster family calls him the Tazmanian Devil, hence his new name "Taz"- as he's constantly on the go, non-stop.

Taz is current on all vaccinations, heartworm tested, neutered, micro chipped, on preventatives, and at least started house training. His current foster home has a doggie door, and he does fine with that.

He will take time to get used to a new place, routine, etc., so any dog will probably have some accidents at first, but he's also still very young and was stuck in a basement all by himself with no care, socialization, etc, for months. And don't furget, you'll want to get him his own clear plastic business cards, everyone will want to know his Facebook page!

We found Taz through Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary in Columbia, Missouri.

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Meet Smokey!

Smokey is an amazing dog, he is so smart. He knows how to sit already.

He can jump a 5 foot fence so he should go to a home where his fence will be over 6'. He was found tied out in front of someones home in a trailer park. But he's super healthy, so you won't have to look into an austin allergist, BOL!

He was a sweet dog from the moment we laid eyes on him he just wanted love, attention & belly rubs! He gave us thank you kisses all the way back to the shelter.

We found Smokey through Callaway Hills Animal Shelter in New Bloomfield, Missouri.

For more information about Smokey, click here!

Meet Chumlee!

Chumlee is a cute little 7-month-old Chihuahua Pug (Chug). He's a little fellow who would like to find his forever home.

He tends to be a little shy when he first meets people but if given the chance he warms up rather quickly. He enjoys going on walks and relaxing on his dog bed. Stop by today and visit him in one of the shelter's Dog Viewing Rooms. He is sure to win your heart.

We found Chumlee through the Humane Society of Central Illinois in Normal, Illinois.

For more information about Chumlee, click here!

Meet Rebel!

Rebel is an 18 month old Dalmatian/American bulldog/Shepherd mix.

He is fun loving and goofy in this puppy like playfulness. And he loves attention so much that he will follow you from room to room, but quietly, and sometimes without you even realizing he has done so.

Until a couple months ago, Rebel had lived his entire life in a kennel. However, he has made the adjustment to living in a home faster then we imagined. He is already housebroken, has learned sit and shake, and enjoys sitting on a dog bed while chewing on a bully stick.

Rebel loves to play fetch in the backyard (well, he is still working on the bringing it back part). He gets along with other dogs, but does have a tendency to chase cats.

We found Rebel through Don't Bully My Breed Inc., in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Meet Snowball!

Snowball is a beautiful purebred White German Shepherd with a gorgeous soft coat - born around 9/15/09. He was seen wandering the streets, obviously abandoned.

Snowball is very friendly and playful gets along well with the other dogs. He stays inside at the shelter with access to the outside. Snowball is a family pet and needs a home where he lives inside but has access to a yard with a fence that is at least 5 feet high. He is healthy and eager to find a forever home.

We found Snowball through Harmony Haven in Terre Haute, Indiana.

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Helping dogs afraid of thunderstorms!

We're lucky...Gracie and I aren't afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks (or even gunshots, which we hear occasionally here in the mountains).

But we know a lot of our dog friends are afraid of those loud noises, so afraid that they cower, shake, run and hide, even sometimes they will take off from their beloved home!

So, we wanted to share our Squidoo lens with lots of great tips and info on how you can help your dog if they are afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks.

Check it out, lots of ideas, info and products that may just help your dog.

Meet Sparky!

We're back after a little break! So let's meet Sparky!

Sparky is the sweetest little guy that needs a furever home with lots of love. His previous family thought it was easier to get rid of him than get him fixed.

He is a little shy when he first meets people but he warms up rather quickly. He can be won over quickly with treats. He is about a year and a half, neutered, microchipped, current on shots, heartworm tested, started on preventative and flea treated. He is the biggest little lap dog, so you won't have to worry about Decaslim!

If you want a cuddlebug, this is the boy for you. He is completely housebroken and would love a big bed to share with someone.

We found Sparky through 911 Pet Rescue, Inc. in Centerpoint, Indiana.

For more information about Sparky, click here!

Meet Tony!

Today is the last day of sheepy week on Rescue Me!

Tony the Tiger came in to rescue with a group of sheep that they named after different types of cereal.

He is shy and not as trusting. He does approach for grain.

We found Tony through Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester in Fairport, New York.

For more information about Tony, click here!

Meet Rammy!

We're continuing with sheepy week this week on Rescue Me!

Rammy is one cool dude! He came to rescue from a severe neglect case but didn't let that slow him down. He is the first to charge out of the barn in the morning with his buddy Zorro behind him.

His horns may look intimidating but he doesn't use them to push anyone around. Rammy pretty much does his own thing and looks after himself. He weighs approximately 125 pounds. He would like to be adopted out with his buddy Zorro to a nice pasture where they could graze the days away.

We found Rammy through Pasados Safe Haven in Sultan, Washington.

For more information about Rammy, click here!

Meet Garth!

We're continuing with sheepy week this week on Rescue Me!

Garth is a Lincoln, though small for his breed, only about 100 pounds. He has very nice fleece, which will have to be sheared at least once a year, preferably in the spring.

His friend is JarJar, and like the goat, Garth is no respecter of electric fences, especially when he is in full fleece! He loves to dance around in the snow (and any other time he feels frisky) and butt heads with JarJar. It would be good for them to go together, unless you have other sheep for Garth to flock with.

We found Garth through Rileys Ark in Corydon, Indiana.

For more information about Garth, click here!

Meet Blackie!

We're continuing with sheepy week this week on Rescue Me!

These two sheep available for adoption--can you guess which one is Blackie? And Little Ears is the white Dorset cross. They are a little overwhelmed with their recent change of scenery, having just arrived at the farm 1/11/12 so they are still a little shy around people.

We found Blackie and Little Ears through Live and Let Live Farm in, Concord, New Hampshire.

For more information about these two, click here!