Meet Rebel!

Rebel is an 18 month old Dalmatian/American bulldog/Shepherd mix.

He is fun loving and goofy in this puppy like playfulness. And he loves attention so much that he will follow you from room to room, but quietly, and sometimes without you even realizing he has done so.

Until a couple months ago, Rebel had lived his entire life in a kennel. However, he has made the adjustment to living in a home faster then we imagined. He is already housebroken, has learned sit and shake, and enjoys sitting on a dog bed while chewing on a bully stick.

Rebel loves to play fetch in the backyard (well, he is still working on the bringing it back part). He gets along with other dogs, but does have a tendency to chase cats.

We found Rebel through Don't Bully My Breed Inc., in Bloomington, Illinois.

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