Meet Gidget!

We're back from our Memorial Day break! Hope you had a pawsome holiday!

Gidget has arrived in Kansas for a little rest and relaxation after taking very good care of her six pups, aka "Gadgets". For the first three days she ran and ran and ran. She had a lot of stored energy to get rid of and now she is beginning to relax and enjoy.

She is a sweet petite angel. She has not had much training but she is eager to learn. She gets along with dogs and cats but is a little wary of men. She loves to chase butterflies. Gidget will need a couple of weeks to rejuvenate her girlish figure before she can be spayed. She should be available for adoption after June 10th. So be sure and get through those crowd control barriers, so you can check her out first!

We found Gidget through Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue in Elmdale, Kansas
For more information about Gidget, click here!