Meet Sandy!

Sandy is a Yorkie and Schnauzer mix. She is about 1 year old and weighs around 9 lbs.

She was marked to be killed at a local shelter. She was on her last day there before being put to sleep. They said she wasn't being very nice. So, a rescuer put a leash on her and took her into the hall to see how she behaved. She was very scared and was shaking.

But Sandy let her pick her up and hold her and love on her. So, she went home with her as a foster. She is still scared, very timid and shy. She will need an adopter who has patience and understanding and no fear of dogs. Also, someone with no small kids.

She can be a tad snippy at times, though she doesn't snip hard, more of a timid snip. But she defintely needs an adult home, one that is calm and quiet. If you have extra patience and love to give, this is the girl for you. She so wants to be loved.

We found Sandy through Oklahoma Boston Terrier & Small Dog Rescue Society in Spencer, Oklahoma
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