Meet Aye Aye!

Aye Aye is such a cute little girl. A puppy at heart and soul. She is a bit clumsy as she has not grown into her legs/feet as of yet! Sadly who ever she belonged to before she came here did not work with this dog and therefore she has no manners.

Energy, she has no clue what to do with. She is in need of an owner who is willing to put the needed time and patience into this dog to help her be a better dog. She jumps, play nips and has out of control behavior that is no fault of her own.

Once she has the chance to have her "work out" she will calm down and give you a sit. She will sit for a treat also most of the time. Aye Aye needs practice on the leash. A short leash is best for her as she has a habit of circling you and wrapping you up!

We found Aye Aye through Perry County PA Animal Rescue, Millerstown, PA.

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