Meet Casper!

Meet Casper. He is a 1-2 yr old pit bull mix. He is one of the most stunning looking dogs we have ever seen. He is very affectionate and knows his basic commands, but would do well with further training.

He loves to play ball, run, tummy rubs and cuddling. He would need a home with older children and adults that are not at work all the time. He would rather not be alone for more than 6 hrs.

He does well living with other dogs that are med/large size and female. He lacks some social skills so the other dog needs to have tolerance. He is crate trained but after his time in the shelter he would prefer baby gates which he does very well with. A fenced in back yard would be best. He is very curious and will follow a scent/animal until he loses sight of you.

We found Casper through Red Hook Dog Rescue in Northborough, Massachusetts.