Meet Katie!

"Hello, I am Katie and I am a pretty, petite, female, 1-2 year old Dalmatian mix that was pulled from a local animal shelter in Maryland. I was very happy to go home with my foster mom and run around in her big yard! I am told that I can be very charming especially when I cock my head and put my ears up. I am also playful, curious, and energetic.

Every day is like a new adventure with a yard to explore, birds to listen to and try to figure out where all the chirping is coming from, and squirrels to watch. I love to play, play, play and run around the yard with my two other foster brothers (Cary and Astro)."

We know you are gonna love hanging out with Katie, sitting out on the rustic porch swing and just taking in the great day together.

We found Katie through Chocolate Chip Dalmatian Assistance League in Adelphi, Maryland.

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