Meet Reny!

Reny is a very sweet 6 month old mixed puppy. She and her brother, Moe were found abandoned in a trailer park, now they are both resting comfortably in foster homes waiting for their forever homes.

She is about 35 lbs and should be in the 50-60ish lb range when fully grown. We believe she is some sort of boxer/hound mix although her face looks a lot like a Jack Russell eventhough she's much bigger than a normal Jack Russell. For all intensive purposes she's a very sweet mutt.

She is potty trained, perfect on a leash and working hard on her crate training. She is perfect with other dogs, cats and kids. And we're sure you'll want to cuddle up with the heat of the infrared space heater with this one, come this Winter!

We found Reny through Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

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