Meet Yeti!

"My name is Yeti. I am little but I am MIGHTY! Mighty cute that is!

I am a bit on the timid side when I first meet someone and I might prefer men over women but really I just like everyone. Even older kids. Toddlers I am not so sure about. They might squish me! Anyway, I like little dogs, big dogs and in between dogs. Those strange dogs that they call cats too.

I sleep in a crate at night but it would be more fun sleeping with my people.I like to play but I also like to watch TV and read books with my people and sit on the back of your chair and read over your shoulder! I will bark with the other dogs and maybe a bit when I am first left alone but that's just to make you feel bad so maybe you'll come back for me. But if you don't, I'll get over it pretty quickly. I just want to make you feel special."

We think Yeti will be so much fun that you're gonna want to put on the surround sound, turn up the volume, cushion it with cheap auralex gear, and get down and celebrate!

We found Yeti through Perry County PA Animal Rescue, Millerstown, PA.

For more information about Yeti, click here!