Meet Colt!

Meet Colt, he should be ready for adoption in about 10-14 days. He is just a little over a year old. Although he is already a very tall boy is still very puppy like and loves his toys.

Update on our big baby boy Colt: His rescuers have gotten to know and love this big guy and now we can fill in his potential forever family. Colt is only 14 months old and a very huge boy. He weighs 137 however for his size should be more like 150-155.

His rescuers have taken him to the vet and the news wasn't exactly what they would like to hear...Colt has bad hips. For now, the course of treatment is medication and laser therapy. Although, at some point in his life he will likely need hip replacement. At the very least he will need FHO surgery.

We found Colt through Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Inc. - Indiana, Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

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