Meet Franklin!

Hi, I'm Franklin! Even though my estimated birthdate is only March, 2010, I've been all over the country and have some pretty crazy stories to tell about it, too! I originally lived in Texas with some people who stole a car and were eventually caught and arrested. I ended up being in the custody of Savannah, GA Animal Control who brought me to a shelter where I could find a new home because my owners are going to be in jail for a verrrry long time!

The shelters in Savannah are pretty crowded, so I was flown up to Happily Ever After in Wisconsin in March, 2012! Now my biggest trip is from Marion to Green Bay and back to meet potential adopters...and I couldn't be more thankful for the light travel schedule! I'm a wonderful dog who can be super-snuggly or super-playful whenever you want! If there's an empty lap around, I'm guaranteed to be in it!

We found Franklin through Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary Inc., Marion, WI.