Meet Oliver!

We're continuing with sheepy week at Rescue Me this week!

Oliver, Fagin, and Dodger are three elderly Southdown sheep whose favorite activity is eating fresh hay then napping in a quiet corner of the barn.

We found Oliver, Fagin and Dodger through Sanctuary One in Jacksonville, Oregon.

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Meet Chocolate!

We're continuing sheepy week at Rescue Me this week!

Chocolate is an 8 year old Southdown wether. Baby is a 5 year old Southdown ewe and Megan is a 10 year old Southdown ewe.

Southdown sheep originated on the South Downs of Sussex, England. It is a small sheep and has a blocky build. The wool is of medium length and fine grade. The Southdown is one of the oldest English breeds. This trio is very bonded and the rescue would be looking for a home that could take all three.

We found Chocolate, Baby and Megan through the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen, Maryland.

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Meet Sadie!

It's sheepy week at Rescue Me this week, so let's get going!

Meet Sadie, a Jacob ewe about 2-3 yrs old. She'll be ready in about a month, has she was too thin and needs to gain more weight.

We met Sadie through Center Valley Animal Rescue in Quilcene, Washington.

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Meet Jensen!

Jensen wandered onto a farm place so thin that he wobbled when he walked.

He has gained weight since then and is ready for a new home. Jensen is about 3 yrs old and is a male. He has started on leash breaking and is a little shy at first with new people.

We found Jensen through Beadle County Humane Society in Huron, South Dakota.

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Meet Chyna!

Chyna is an 8 month old, female, Husky mix.

She has a reddish tan, heavy coat and has one blue eye, one brown eye. She loves to be with people and other dogs. She seems to be house trained, but she doesn't like the crate. She is not food aggressive, loves treats, praise and attention. Her approximate date of birth is July 17, 2011.

We found Chyna through Paws Animal Rescue, Pierre, South Dakota.

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Meet Tika!

This potentially purebred German Shorthair was found near Sharon, North Dakota. She seems like a smart dog with a hunting instinct.

Her family has not yet come to claim her so she has become available for adoption. Once you visit, you may want to connect with sterkly on Linkedin!

We found Tika through in Cooperstown Veterinary Clinic in Cooperstown, North Dakota.

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Meet Louise!

Louise is a young female Rat Terrier who came to rescue from another rescue who needed help placing some of their dogs.

Louise is in a foster home with other dogs and is very sociable and is very interested in her new surroundings.

We found Louise through Prairie Paws Rescue in Jamestown, North Dakota.

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Meet Tyson!

Special Needs! Tyson has separation anxiety when away from his owners and crated or locked up, when owners leave for work. He needs a loving country home preferably with a companion dog. He gets along well with most dogs as long as they are not dominant.

He especially likes young dogs to play with and plays well with them. He also got along well with the cats in his former home. He is on seizure medication for seizures and it appears the seizures are now controlled. He is a very sweet and affectionate dog. He is great with kids. He was the constant companion of a five year old in his previous home. Please consider giving Tyson a great loving home.

We found Tyson through James River Humane Society in Jamestown, North Dakota.

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Meet Boston!

What a cute dog! Boston is a one of a kind guy!

He is a little shy of new people at first but if you have an ice breaker such as a ball or a treat, consider yourself loved by him! Boston is athletic and very unique looking . He is a smaller sized guy but his heart is as big as the sun! Won't you give Boston a chance?

We found Boston through Columbia County Humane Society in Portage, Wisconsin.

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Meet Keeva!

Keeva is a female Husky born 5/30/06.

She has a sweet and lovable personality. Keeva is also very energetic and would appreciate an active lifestyle. She is ok with kids, but may knock over very small children. Keeva can also get along with other dogs, but may chase cats.

We found Keeva through New Life Pet Adoption Center in Marathon, Wisconsin.

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Meet Rose!

You wouldn't know it by looking at this picture, but Rose's tail actually curls over her back. Rose is a young dog with lots of energy.

She needs an experienced handler who will not allow her to misbehave. Although very sweet and fun to be with, Rose is very high energy. Being in an environment with other dogs or with running and noisy children would be over-stimulating for her. BTW - you may want to buy silver coins in honor of her adoption!

We found Rose through the Humane Society of Portage County in Plover, Wisconsin.

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Meet Fiona!

This week is Johann Mini-Me week! What's that you ask? It's a week that we feature pups that look like me, Johann!

Sweet Fiona is such a beautiful girl. She was dumped at a kill shelter in Kentucky simply because they "just didn't want her anymore"

Fiona is about 12 weeks old, up to date with vaccinations, has been micrchippe and is already spayed. She is now in foster care New Jersey with other dogs, cats, and older kids and just adores everyone she meets. She is very playful and incredibly smart, and a fenced in yard would be ideal. Fiona weighs 11 lbs. 15ozs.

We found Fiona through NJ Puppy Rescue Inc., in Milford, New Jersey.

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Meet Payton!

This week is Johann Mini-Me week! What's that you ask? It's a week that we feature pups that look like me, Johann!

Payton is a very sweet 10-12 week old border collie mix puppy. Peyton is crate trained and doing well with house training. He is friendly and likes other dogs.

We met Payton through Loving Heart Animal Shelter in Lafayette, Indiana.
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Meet Mickey!

This week is Johann Mini-Me week! What's that you ask? It's a week that we feature pups that look like me, Johann!

Meet Mickey, a six month old Sheltie mix who is absolutely adorable and friendly to all! He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. He's a gorgeous boy who's looking for a home where he can be exercised (another canine companion might be good).

We found Mickey through Fur Babies in East Rockaway, New York.

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Meet Molly!

This week is Johann Mini-Me week! What's that you ask? It's a week that we feature pups that look like me, Johann!

When Molly was left at rescue by her owner, she left in tears. She did not want to give Molly up, but only did it because it was the best for Molly. They had recently had a baby and no matter what they tried, Molly was terrified of the baby and hid all the time.

Molly is a wonderful 10 year old who loves people, listens very well and gets along well with dogs, but not cats. She has medically been taken care of all her life and will definitely make someone a wonderful companion. Could Molly be your new best friend?

We found Molly through Precious Secrets Sheltie Rescue in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Meet Amber!

This week is Johann Mini-Me week! What's that you ask? It's a week that we feature pups that look like me, Johann!

Amber is a little firecracker of a sheltie. Weighing in at about 12 lbs and 13 inches and zipping around the yard her rescuers have wondered if she really is the age 6 her records indicate. Amber had been shaved by her previous owner but her new coat is coming in beautifully. Amber is a bi black sheltie.

A fenced yard is best for Amber so that she has enough opportunity to safely play and run off energy.

We found Amber through Indiana Sheltie Rescue in Noblesville, Indiana.

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Meet Jesse!

This week is Johann Mini-Me week! What's that you ask? It's a week that we feature pups that look like me, Johann!

Meet Jesse! Not much is known about Jesse, except that he's a BC/Sheltie mix looking for his furever home.

We found Jesse through Golden S rescue in Easley, South Carolina.

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Meet Ned!

This week is Johann Mini-Me week! What's that you ask? It's a week that we feature pups that look like me, Johann! Here's are first:

Meet Ned! Ned is the cutest little guy! He is about 3 months old and as sweet as can be. Ned is a little shy at first. He really wants to come to you, but he dances around because he's a little unsure.

He's getting better, and will be just fine when he's settled in to his new home. We're looking for a family with another dog to help boost Ned's confidence, and no very young children who might scare him. Ned loves other dogs and gets along with cats, too.

We found Ned through Dire Straits Companion Animal Rescue in West Chicago, Illinois.

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Meet Lucy!

Lucy is a super sweet girl that needs a lot of patience. She has had a very confined life with very little contact. Lucy was kept in a small kennel indoors for more than 10 hours a day and only had a small pen to run in outside. Because of her past, Lucy has trouble trusting new people, but, once she knows you she will love you forever!

Lucy will tend to bond to one person and needs lots of socialization to continue her path to trusting people again. Lucy would benefit from daily runs at a dog park or plenty of walks and trips to pet stores. If you would like to bond with this sweet, stunning girl, please contact us! Lucy is great with dogs, cats, and kids! She's super healthy so you won't have to worry about taking her somewhere where there will be medical scrubs!

We found Lucy through People Helping Paws Pet Food Pantry in Jefferson City, Missouri.

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Meet Sawyer!

Sawyer is a sweet, affectionate boy who would love to have someone to play with and love. We have no idea what kind of mix he might be, but he has very pretty markings and is smaller than a lab. His nose suggests a collie or hound?

Sawyer is very friendly and affectionate and loves everybody he meets. He is about 2 year old. And he's house trained, so you won't have to look into putting down basement tile!

We found Sawyer through Callaway Hills Animal Shelter in New Bloomfield, Missouri.

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Meet Harry!

Harry was dumped as a puppy. He is large, but gentle. He wants to be your buddy. He likes to hang out, but will play if you want. He has a great personality.

We found Harry through Saving Pets At Risk in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

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Meet Johnny!

Johnny is a sweetheart of a boy.

When he was found found he had a bone lodged in his jaw for a very long time, and it has been removed. Johnny is a house dog and a lover. He's about 5 yrs old, neutered and up to date on shots.

We found Johnny through OK Save a Dog in Prague, Oklahoma.

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Meet Henry!

Henry is a neutered male Sheppard/pit mix. He has a great friendly temperament and does well with other dogs if he is introduced correctly. He can be shy but wants to trust people. It just takes him a little while. We are certain that once he is in a forever home he will feel more confident and stable and will blossom into the happy go lucky boy that he is.

His ideal home would be one without little children since he is shy and little ones usually approach dogs with lots of noise and high energy. Poor little Henry would just become more timid. Henry needs a home that wants to take him from shy boy to super boy.

We found Henry through Happy Endings Dog Rescue in Hewitt, Texas.

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Meet Alex!

Alex and his siblings were surrendered by their owner to a local kill facility. They were an unwanted litter. Their estimated birthday is September 05.

They are all utd on shots, started on heartworm prevention and flea prevention, wormed, spayed/ neutered and micro chipped. We would love a family for them who will make a forever commitment. You sure won't need a welding helmet to make a huge pen for these little guys.

We found Alex through Forever Homes in Kempner, Texas.

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Meet Wesson!

My name is Wesson, I was found by one of the shelter employees in March of 2009. I am a very sweet dog, but I am still nervous at first. It is unknown how I do around children and cats because since I have resided at the shelter I have not be around them.

I have the potential to be a great addition to a family, but I will need someone who is patient and willing to help me come out of my shell. If you would like to meet me please feel free to stop by the shelter.

We found Wesson through 2nd Chance Animal Shelter Cen-Tex Humane Society in Killeen, Texas.

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Meet Tucker!

My name is Tucker. Im a 1 year old, male, Pit Bull mix. I'm also deaf. I recently survived the F5 tornado in Tuscaloosa, AL, and it was the scariest day of my life. I didn't know if I would make it. After the storm, I ended up at the shelter, where I waited for someone to save me. I went to a foster home in Alabama, and then I was hit by a car because I can't hear.

My leg was injured, but now I'm all better. Now, I live with my Ashley-Mom, and I'm waiting for my family. My Ashley-Mom says I am one of the most handsome boys she's ever seen... and my hearing impairment doesn't slow me down! I'm a real sweet boy... I love dogs and people, and I don't even mind cats! All I need now is a family.

We found Tucker through Lucky Dog Rescue in Meridian, Mississippi.

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Meet Toby!

Toby is a Boxer/Lab Mix that is estimated to be around 1 year old. He was rescued running down Interstate 20. When picked up he was malnourished and scared. Now he's fattened up, healthy, and just a dream of a dog.

Toby is a very active dog who will need an experienced dog owner and good obedience. He is full of puppy play and loves to jump up and box with you.

This beautiful pup dreams for a runner or an active family who will give him constant walks and play with him in a large fenced yard. Toby has so much personality, and, as you can see from his pictures, his tendency to hang his tongue from the side of his mouth will bring you nothing but smiles.

We found Toby through Animal Rescue Fund of MS in Pelahatchie, Mississippi.

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Meet Frankie!

Frankie is quite a charmer! He was born on Dec. 25, 2008 and is about 15 lbs.

Frankie's ears are standing straight on his head and he has a little piglet tail that he wags all the time. Frankie is pure delight!

We found Frankie through Animal Outreach, a Chapter of the HSLA in Opelousas, Loussiana.

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Meet Lucy!

Lucy is a sweet, smart girl who gets along well with other dogs and children, not sure about cats since she has never been around them, she is housebroken and crate trained and loves to snuggle during down time.

She is very high energy and loves to play and is eager to work for you, so Agility, Flyball, etc. would be great for her! Its amazing how fast she learns and picks up on new commends and is very treat motivated. She is very agile, so she would need a secure six foot fence. Lucy is up to date on all of her shots, heartworm negative and spayed.

We found Lucy through All Border Collie Rescue in Alexandria, Louisiana.

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