Meet Sara Jean!

Sara Jean has returned to rescue after 3 years. Her people ran into a problem with housing and could not keep her.

Sara is very sweet and loving. She is a chocolate dapple approx.4 years old. She is a very beautiful, unique dachshund. Sara Jean is paralyzed and needs an owner who has the patients to care for her. Sara wares doggie diapers because she has no control of bowl or bladder movements.

Sara needs a new home where there is enough love to look past her disability and see her for the amazing dog that she is.

We found Sara through Dachshund Idaho Rescue in Fruitland, Idaho.

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Meet Chloe!

Chloe was one of three starved almost to death, abused and abandoned dogs found in Malheur County several months ago. She was taken to Ontario Animal Hospital, where Dr. Norman saved her, and now she has come out to the Pen Pals Program at Snake River Correctional Institution for training.

Chloe was the most scared of the three, absolutely sure that people were not gojng to be nice to her. Since she has come out to SRCI she has learned many things and is starting to come out of her shell. She will need a very quiet home with someone who will give her the time she needs to adjust.

She is a loving little girl, but will never be very brave or outgoing with people she doesn't know. But in the right home she will blossom. Chloe is about a year old and she is very, very small for a lab - the perfect size for someone who doesn't want anything over 25 or 30 lbs.

We found Chloe through 2nd Chance Animal Shelter Inc., in Fruitland, Idaho.

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Meet Zippy!

Zippy is a 7 year old unspayed female Wire Hair Jack Russell Terrier who came to the shelter as a stray.

We found Zippy through the Meridian Humane Society
in Meridian, Idaho.

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Meet Kacey!

Kacey is a sweetheart of a Pomeranian mix, estimated to be about 6 years old.

This girl found herself at a local shelter and her people never came to look for her so she was placed in a Fuzzy Pawz Rescue foster home.

She is a very nice, well mannered little gal who doesn't really do much wrong. Kacey is not quite house trained yet, but is working on it and is learning other rules of the house. She's very social and well adjusted. She has liked every person she has met and is good with dogs and couldnt care less about cats. She's not much of a barker at all.

She loves to sleep in bed with you, but isn't a bed hog and does like to be on the couch with you. Kacey would make a great companion for an older person, or would be a fantastic therapy dog. She walks nicely on a leash and still has some playfulness in her!

We found Kacey through Fuzzy Pawz Rescue in Boise, Idaho.

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Meet Humphrey!

Humphrey arrived at the shelter with his buddy Lucky, given up for roaming too much. Unfortunately, a fenced yard wasn't an option in their home.

Humphrey is a truly wonderful dog. He is friendly with everyone he meets, and is always ready to go on a hike or any adventure. Humphrey is great with other dogs but he has never lived with cats, so he would require some cat compatibility testing. Humphrey is easygoing and affectionate.

He already knows much of his basic manners and he is eager to learn more! If you are looking for an all around wonderful guy, don't let Humphrey pass you by!

We found Humphrey through the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley in Hailey, Idaho.

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Meet Bones!

Bones is a big happy boy who has a lot of energy - he is playful and very athletic.

He is good with other dogs, loves kids, and is always ready for an adventure!

Bones is about 2 years old and he came to Dog Town when his people moved and could not have him in the new living siutation.

Bones will need a home with a decent sized yard and a 6' fence to keep him safe. And we're sure you'll want to get a nice gold chain with a charm to honor his arrival into your family! He's a great dog with an awesome personality!

We found Bones through Dog Town Canine Rescue in Carson City, Nevada.

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Meet Crockett!

Crockett is a very bouncy, fun, clown of a dog. Belly rubs are a favorite and he loves to be picked up and cuddled.

He gets along with some other dogs and likes cats. Crockett walks well on leash and enjoys walks in the country and around town but doesn't want to be petted by strangers. He loves being a buddy and hanging out with the guys.

Crockett has a slightly crooked front leg (from birth) but it doesn't keep him from enjoying all kinds of companionable activities. So far Crockett hasn't shown an interest in fetching but loves a treat filled Kong toy or a tough chewy. He is crate trained and comes with his own.

Crockett would do best with an experienced adopter. If not kept in check by a firm, but gentle hand, he has a tendency to want to take control of the household.

We found Crockett through Safe Haven Kennel in Yearington, Nevada.

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Meet Archie!

My name is Archie. I’m a Belgian Sheepdog also known as Belgian Groenendael.

I have many of the traits of this breed and need a home with a confident experienced dog person with consistent rules. I, like my breed, am bright and obedient, with strong protective and territorial instincts. I cannot be just a backyard dog but need to be socialized and exercised.

I get along with male and female dogs that are not aggressive or throw red flags. I will captivate your heart by being a devoted companion willing to give all to the ones I love. I am a very healthy, happy 8-9 year old neutered boy with great teeth. I am about 70 pounds with a beautiful black coat. I am meticulous about keeping my coat clean and I behave very well when taken to the vet. I’m also microchipped and current on all shots. 

We found Archie through the Douglas Animal Welfare Group in Gardnerville, Nevada.

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Our new cabin!

We've been MIA for a week or so, but there's a good reason! We've moved to a new cabin in the Mountains of North Georgia!

Here are a few photos of our new place...the cabin!

Here's are soon to be fenced in roming' area...

And here's a view from our back deck/porch....

We are loving it here! Lots of great ops for hiking in the mountains, pretty close to all the agility trials in the Atlanta area. And Mum is loving the cabin!

Even being in the middle of nowhere you can have Internet and All the TV channels you want, great new appliances for the kitchen, and hardwood floors so we don't need any carpet cleaners durham nc heading over to clean the floors!

We hope you are enjoying your Spring just as much as we are!!!

Meet Buddy!

Buddy was an owner surrender. He is four years old and really mostly all Scottie. The 77 year old lady who owned him felt she could no longer handle his activity needs. He is a high energy dog.

He is not a lap dog and not a couch potato. He would be an excellent companion for someone who likes taking their dog to the park, on walks and being outside. We would recommend no kids under 12.

He is definitely not in tune to small children. He is neutered, vaccinated and housebroken. He was raised by himself, so to have him be an only dog would be ideal, but there could be exceptions

We found Buddy through Coppercloud Ranch Pet Rescue in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Meet Aber!

Amber and Crombie came from the Maricopa County Shelter in Mesa. These cute little pups were born on February 16, 2012. They are neutered and have had their first puppy shots.

These cute little boys get along with other dogs. They will benefit from puppy training.

We found Aber through the Fedwell Farm Rescue, Inc., in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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