Meet Maria!

"Everyone says I'm so pretty, with my white coat and black spots. I'm very sweet and friendly too.

I was born in the middle of March, but I had to come to the shelter so I can find my forever home. I'm very smart so I'll be a quick learner and I'm sure we can be best friends! Remember, puppies require lots of patience and attention."

We found Maria through the Danville - Boyle County Humane Society and Mutts With Manners in Danville, Kentucky.

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Meet Luna!

Luna is less than one year old and weighs 11 lbs.

She is very sweet and gets very attached to her person. She gets along well with other dogs, but so far has not shown any interest in playing with anyone.

Luna seems to be house broken - she did not have any accidents in the house. She is overall very well behaved and quiet. She seems to be suffering a little form separation anxiety, so her rescuers would like for her to go to a home where she gets a lot of attention and company. Luna has been spayed, she is current on vaccinations including Rabies, she tested negative for heartworm and is on heartworm/flea prevention and she is micro chipped.

We found Luna through The Nest in Bloomington, Indiana.

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Meet Punky!

Punky is a Yellow Labrador Retriever mixed breed dog. Punky is approximately 50 pounds and two years old. He has been vaccinated and is now available for adoption.

We found Punky through the Parke-Vermillion Co. Humane Society in Clinton, Indiana.

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Meet Kitty Cowgirl!

Kitty was found as a stray by the Lapel Animal Clinic in Indiana.

After fixing up her rear right leg that she had injured somewhere they tried very hard to find her parents. Several weeks passed without luck so, they contacted OLBH asking us to take her in.

Kitty is a dollbaby! Very loving, plays all day with her BFF Ashley. Kitty's approximate year of birth is 2007.

We found Kitty through Our Lil Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Poland, Indiana.

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Meet Sebastian!

Sebastian is a thirteen month old male Shih Tzu, weighing about 10 pounds. He was found running loose in the city. When his owners were located they were unable to pay the large fines, since he had never been to the vet.

He has a rather curly black and white coat, and his flag-like tail is always wagging! Beautiful Sebastian needs a stable home where he can permanently lay his head.

We found Sebastian through Wish Bone Canine Rescue in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Meet Buddy!

Buddy has come a long way in regard to manners and maturity but along with that have come some of the challenges a young male Great Pyrenees can present as they mature and breed characteristics emerge.

Buddy requires a confident, dog (preferably Pyrenees)experienced owner with strong handing skills and a commitment to continued training and socialization. We feel he would do best in an adult home and also in a more rural setting with an ample fenced area/yard.

He is about 87 pounds with a little more filling out to do and should always be kept at an appropriate weight due to an old injury to one of his front feet that does cause him some discomfort at times.

We found Buddy through Great Pyrenees Rescue of Central Illinois in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Meet Rynaldo!

"I am very friendly and very goodlooking  I have very special coloring which turns heads.  I will make a family a very caring loving pet," says Rynaldo!

We found this little guy through the Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue in Colfax, Illinois.

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Meet Frappe!

Frappe is a little timid at first, but once he trusts you, he will not want to be separated from you. He is working hard on his potty training and is crate trained.

Frappe is a high energy little guy but will calm down to cuddle on your lap. He is a loving guy, but would like a home without small children.

We found Frappe through Columbia Second Chance in Columbia, Missouri.

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Meet Sawyer!

Sawyer is a sweet, affectionate boy who would love to have someone to play with and love. His rescuers have no idea what kind of mix he might be, but he has very pretty markings and is smaller than a lab. His nose suggests a collie or hound?

Sawyer is very friendly and affectionate and loves everybody he meets. He is about 2 year old.

We found Sawyer through Callaway Hills Animal Shelter in New Bloomfield, Missouri.

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Meet Sweet Girl!

We're back from a week off, hope you are enjoying your Summer so far!

Meet Sweet Girl!

Sweet Girl is a great catch who came to CMHS severely malnourished and scared. But she's gained wait and will never need, And the best part is she's gained confidence and personality as well! She's a quick learner who would love a home where she can feel secure.

We found Sweet Girl through the Central Missouri Humane Society in Columbia, Missouri.

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Meet Max!

This beautiful dog was very anxious when he arrived at our shelter.

Thanks to placement with a good foster family, he is now much happier and is getting along well - although still with a few "quirks" - and he will need a supportive adoptive family that will help him feel safe so that he can continue with his progress.

This beautiful dog has the ability to connect with "his people" and is extremely affectionate and loving.

We found Max through Natchez-Adams County Humane Society in Natchez, Mississippi.

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Meet Sunny!

Sunny is a precious bundle of sweetness. She likes to play and loves to be loved.

We found Sunny through Companion Animal Alliance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Meet Buddy!

This medium sized black lab mix named Buddy was left behind when his owners moved away. Yes, just left alone. A kind neighbor is fostering him until he can be rehomed.

Buddy is a great all around pet, neutered, approximately 2 years of age, good with kids and would make a great second dog. Help us prove to Buddy that people are loving and he'll prove that dogs are loving!

We found Buddy through Feliciana Animal Welfare Society in Clinton, Louisiana.

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Meet Annie!

This little girl had an encounter with a car when she was just a puppy, and was left for dead on a Birmingham street. That was in February and now she's all well and strong and beautiful!

She spent a lot of time recuperating at the vet's, where she was around other dogs more than humans, and she was a little shy at first. Now she's with a foster family, and she loves playing with her big Rottie sister, and learning tricks from her foster mama! She's a very intelligent and happy girl, and is ready to find a home of her own.

We found Annie through Birmingham's Animal Adoption and Rescue Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Meet Munch!

Hi, I'm Munch, a Maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle mix) and I was a stud in a puppy mill until wonderful rescue groups helped me and my friends.

I'm 5 years old, 6.7lbs and I have been to the vet and neutered, up-to-date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and microchipped.

After all my vetting I came to my foster home with Finn that has dogs ranging from 5-10 lbs and children.  I'm learning so many new things in my foster home. I sleep quietly in my crate at night and Im learning to go outside to potty. I discovered near Easter what toys are and that you're suppose to play with them.  I'm  very curious about everything and looking forward to leash training because I hear walks are fun.

We found Munch through Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc., in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Meet Jessie!

I'm a little shy, but charming. I'm looking for a patient owner with a worry free lifestyle. I'll need gentle guidance and abundant love to help me come out of my shell. Treat me kind and I'll blossom giving you everlasting love. I'm very gentle and kind but a little shy. I would love to find my forever home.

We found Jessie through The Greater Birmingham Humane Society in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Meet Scruffy!

Scruffy was surrendered to the shelter by her owner along with her siblings who have been adopted. We think that she is a terrier mix (possibly with lab or collie even though she is small). Our first guess as to her weight was approx 50 lbs, however her growing spurt seems to have stopped.

She loves to play with other dogs. She is very shy of people at first, but once she is comfortable -- she is super sweet. She also enjoys keeping herself entertained with a chew bone or toy. She has an adorable under-bite and wirey hair. She would do well in a home with another dog and a nice fenced yard in which to play.

She will require some time to get adjusted to a new home, but will be a loving companion once she is comfortable. She is crate trained and doing well on housetraining. And she loves trips to Shakes for a puppy cup and going on walks or hiking at Turkey Creek Trail.

We found Scruffy through Forgotten Friends - Mixed Breed Rescue in Austin, Texas
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Meet Travis Tritt!

Travis is gorgeous so what's he doing living at our shelter since puppyhood?

Some folks think he's a St. Bernard mix because of the coloring so if that's what your looking for--go for it! A mountain rescue dog that'll work cattle! Or maybe you'd just like a great family dog--here he is, healthy and ready to play!

We found Travis through Huts For Mutts in Hamilton, Texas
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Meet Maddie!

Meet Maddie. She is a cream colored medium coat Chihuahua. She made the trip from the west coast and landed with relatives of her mom who had recently passed away.

The family believed we would be able to find a forever home for Maddie. She may be called Fatty Patty on the playground, but she will loose some weight in the coming months. She is fully vetted except for a short trip to the doctor to get a hernia repaired. She will be ready for adoption within a week or two.

We found Maddie through Tiny Tails Small Dog Rescue in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

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Meet Spice!

Spice came from a rescue organization in Fort Worth that was dissolved. She is skittish at first, until she gets used to her new surroundings.

She does not like loud noises, needs a calm environment with a secure fenced yard. She would love to just lie at your feet and be petted or have her back scratched and ears rubbed.

We found Spice through Love to Spare in Eddy, Texas
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Meet Sandy!

Sandy is a Yorkie and Schnauzer mix. She is about 1 year old and weighs around 9 lbs.

She was marked to be killed at a local shelter. She was on her last day there before being put to sleep. They said she wasn't being very nice. So, a rescuer put a leash on her and took her into the hall to see how she behaved. She was very scared and was shaking.

But Sandy let her pick her up and hold her and love on her. So, she went home with her as a foster. She is still scared, very timid and shy. She will need an adopter who has patience and understanding and no fear of dogs. Also, someone with no small kids.

She can be a tad snippy at times, though she doesn't snip hard, more of a timid snip. But she defintely needs an adult home, one that is calm and quiet. If you have extra patience and love to give, this is the girl for you. She so wants to be loved.

We found Sandy through Oklahoma Boston Terrier & Small Dog Rescue Society in Spencer, Oklahoma
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Meet Jackson!

Hi! My name is Jackson. I was found wandering the streets and somebody took me to the shelter. I was thankful to have a roof over my head but the shelter was pretty scary for me.

Thankfully my new foster mom came to pick me up a few days later and took me home to live with her! Now I live with my foster boxer sister and yorkipoo brother. We all get along very well, we even eat together. Which I like to do, because when I went to my foster home I was pretty skinny! I also have a human foster brother and sister. They are 4 and 7 and I love to play with them, and I am never too rough, I like to cuddle with them too.

My foster mommy can't believe how well behaved I am! I can sit and stay, I go right into my crate, and I am completely house trained. I love to go on walks and I am great on my leash. My foster mom thinks I am pretty much the perfect dog!

We found Jackson through Red Dirt Boxer Rescue in Harrah, Oklahoma
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Meet Paige!

Gordy and Paige are brother and sister. They are both very sweet and love to play and working on the house training. She is 1 year old. She is spayed, heartworm negative, micro chipped and current on her vaccinations. 

We found Paige through Furever Friends in Madison, Kansas.

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Meet Ody!

Ody was released to the shelter by his former owner because her husband said no to having a dog. So sad for Ody!!

He is a 7-8 year old male Poodle mix who weighs 12.5 pounds. He is good with kids and other animals. He is housebroken and will need regular grooming to keep him looking handsome. He will walk on a leash and likes to ride in the car. He might dig a bit and he tries to jump fences....but he's pretty short!

He is playful and easy going and we bet he would love to visit the Toca Drums guitar center and get his own drum to try out some drumming, like I did! Go in and meet this cute little guy today. If you are looking for that non-shedding dog, Ody would be a good choice.

We found Ody through Salina Animal Shelter in Salina, Kansas
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Meet Gidget!

We're back from our Memorial Day break! Hope you had a pawsome holiday!

Gidget has arrived in Kansas for a little rest and relaxation after taking very good care of her six pups, aka "Gadgets". For the first three days she ran and ran and ran. She had a lot of stored energy to get rid of and now she is beginning to relax and enjoy.

She is a sweet petite angel. She has not had much training but she is eager to learn. She gets along with dogs and cats but is a little wary of men. She loves to chase butterflies. Gidget will need a couple of weeks to rejuvenate her girlish figure before she can be spayed. She should be available for adoption after June 10th. So be sure and get through those crowd control barriers, so you can check her out first!

We found Gidget through Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue in Elmdale, Kansas
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