Meet Tiger!

"Hello I am Tiger and I am waiting with my Brother Tiger at Central KY Regional Humane Society-No Kill Central KY. Please come take us for a walk and let us win your heart so you will take us to our Forever Home. Come on we are waiting, Tiger and Bruno."

We found Tiger through Central KY Regional Humane Society-No Kill Central KY, Lancaster, KY.

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Meet Rocky!

Rocky is still waiting for a home to call his own. He is a smart, happy, energetic dog that will make a great second dog to the right home. Rocky knows basic commands, is house trained and crate trained.

He is young and energetic and will do well with someone who will give him plenty of exercise. Look past his breed and instead pick Rocky for the wonderful dog he is!

We found Rocky through Furry Friends Network, Boiling Springs, PA.

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Meet Yeti!

"My name is Yeti. I am little but I am MIGHTY! Mighty cute that is!

I am a bit on the timid side when I first meet someone and I might prefer men over women but really I just like everyone. Even older kids. Toddlers I am not so sure about. They might squish me! Anyway, I like little dogs, big dogs and in between dogs. Those strange dogs that they call cats too.

I sleep in a crate at night but it would be more fun sleeping with my people.I like to play but I also like to watch TV and read books with my people and sit on the back of your chair and read over your shoulder! I will bark with the other dogs and maybe a bit when I am first left alone but that's just to make you feel bad so maybe you'll come back for me. But if you don't, I'll get over it pretty quickly. I just want to make you feel special."

We think Yeti will be so much fun that you're gonna want to put on the surround sound, turn up the volume, cushion it with cheap auralex gear, and get down and celebrate!

We found Yeti through Perry County PA Animal Rescue, Millerstown, PA.

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Meet Aye Aye!

Aye Aye is such a cute little girl. A puppy at heart and soul. She is a bit clumsy as she has not grown into her legs/feet as of yet! Sadly who ever she belonged to before she came here did not work with this dog and therefore she has no manners.

Energy, she has no clue what to do with. She is in need of an owner who is willing to put the needed time and patience into this dog to help her be a better dog. She jumps, play nips and has out of control behavior that is no fault of her own.

Once she has the chance to have her "work out" she will calm down and give you a sit. She will sit for a treat also most of the time. Aye Aye needs practice on the leash. A short leash is best for her as she has a habit of circling you and wrapping you up!

We found Aye Aye through Perry County PA Animal Rescue, Millerstown, PA.

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Meet Cooper!

Copper was surrendered to a high kill shelter along with his six puppies and their mom. Angels took in the entire family and they are now all looking for their forever homes!

Copper is a full blooded Brittany Spaniel. He is three years old (as of 7/19/12). He is on the smaller side..around 35 pounds!

He is a sweet boy who gets along great with other dogs. Copper is up to date on shots and neutered. He is going in for HW treatment on July 24 and will be ready to travel three weeks after that. He will be good as new and will live a healthy life!!

He is in TN but will be transported to New England for adoption.

We found Cooper through Angels Among Us Animal Rescue, West Greenwich, Rhode Island.

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Meet Little Max!

If sunshine, light and the best welcome home you've ever received is what you need, then look no further, Max is your boy.

He is a 22 lbs, 5 year old, a Spitz/Chihuahua mix that is one of the friendliest little guys you'll ever meet. He was abandoned in a house with 3 other dogs and luckily a neighbor reported hearing them barking.

Max would prefer to sleep in or beside your bed and he is a very sensitive boy, so if he must be crated he would prefer to be right beside your bed. He cries real tears when left alone, we would imagine that being abandoned could do that to a dog. He is crate trained and does fairly well on leash. He does have a small issue when meeting new dogs, as do many Terriers, but he is very easily corrected and when introduced gently he does very well.

We found Max through Critter Cavalry Rescue New England in Coventry, Rhode Island.

Meet Starr!

Starr is a handsome nine-month-old Husky boy full of energy! This guy is a real looker, with his unique combination of one blue eye and one brown eye, and he's also a charmer.

Starr is a purebred Husky and he was turned into EGAPL by his owner.

We found Starr through East Greenwich Animal Protection League in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Meet Reese!

Reese is one year old and weighs about 27 lbs.

He is calm and sweet and has a super temperament! He loves and is outgoing with people and children, and other dogs as well. He's a gentle, laid back kinda guy that would make a great family dog.

We found Reese through Mary's Dogs in Deerfield, New Hampshire.

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Meet Toto!

Three-years-old and just 13-pounds, Toto is housetrained, loves kids, and gets along with both cats and dogs.

She would also be good as an only dog, because she's kind of a loner who prefers her people to other dogs. Toto is located in New Hampshire and ready to find her forever home,

We found Toto through Canine Guardians for Life, Inc., in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Meet Peggy!

Peggy is a sweet 42 lb., three year old Black and Tan Coonhound. She has a slight limp that requires no medical treatment and causes her no discomfort.

She is quite well socialized and loves children. She is not destructive, but will bark when left home not a good choice for apartment or condo living.

Peggy loves long walks with her well as cuddling up on the couch for a snooze. She is really a mellow girl...and does have that great hound sound.

We found Peggy through WOOFFUN in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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Meet Reny!

Reny is a very sweet 6 month old mixed puppy. She and her brother, Moe were found abandoned in a trailer park, now they are both resting comfortably in foster homes waiting for their forever homes.

She is about 35 lbs and should be in the 50-60ish lb range when fully grown. We believe she is some sort of boxer/hound mix although her face looks a lot like a Jack Russell eventhough she's much bigger than a normal Jack Russell. For all intensive purposes she's a very sweet mutt.

She is potty trained, perfect on a leash and working hard on her crate training. She is perfect with other dogs, cats and kids. And we're sure you'll want to cuddle up with the heat of the infrared space heater with this one, come this Winter!

We found Reny through Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

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Meet Casper!

Meet Casper. He is a 1-2 yr old pit bull mix. He is one of the most stunning looking dogs we have ever seen. He is very affectionate and knows his basic commands, but would do well with further training.

He loves to play ball, run, tummy rubs and cuddling. He would need a home with older children and adults that are not at work all the time. He would rather not be alone for more than 6 hrs.

He does well living with other dogs that are med/large size and female. He lacks some social skills so the other dog needs to have tolerance. He is crate trained but after his time in the shelter he would prefer baby gates which he does very well with. A fenced in back yard would be best. He is very curious and will follow a scent/animal until he loses sight of you.

We found Casper through Red Hook Dog Rescue in Northborough, Massachusetts.

Meet Monkey!

Monkey's had a tough beginning, but this girl is a total soldier. She had an X-Ray done before coming to Baypath and the vet found a bullet shell.

Luckily it is not in a place that would cause her any problems. Monkey enjoyed the ride here and is a pro in the car.

She also loves other dogs. Come see this sweet girl soon and help her get off to a great start on the next part of her life.

We found Monkey through Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton Inc., in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Meet Darcy!

Darcy is a 9 month old neutered male Border Collie mix. He is energetic, sweet, and adorable! Darcy is great with other dogs and LOVES to play!

He would love to have a canine companion or take frequent trips to the dog park to play and socialize! Darcy is crate trained, seems to be housetrained, and is working on his manners.

 He is definitely a herding dog and would excel at a dog sport like agility or flyball. Darcy has lots of energy and exercise will be crucial to his success in a new home. A lovable boy looking for a family to match his energy!

We found Darcy through Random Rescue in Williamstown, Vermont.

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Meet Myrtle!

Myrtle is so cute she looks like she should star on her own tv show, complete with rolling barrels with washers!

This adorable, scruffy lap dog has a shining personality to match her good looks. Myrtle is shy with strangers at first, but once she gets comfortable she is very loving and playful. Myrtle likes to chase after toys and frolic in the grass.

She enjoys petting and butt scratches and she is tolerant about being picked up and carried. True to her terrier nature, Myrtle also has an independent side and can be quite content sniffing around the yard on her own. A calm adult household would be an ideal environment for this gentle little girl.

We found Myrtle through Central Vermont Humane Society in East Montpelier, Vermont.

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Meet Zeke!

"I am an older guy with a story to tell about my limp! However, since I was a stray, I am the only one who knows it! The veterinarian who examined me at the shelter said that it was probably an old injury to my hip that healed on its own and left me with my peculiar prance!

He said that I don’t appear to be in any pain and that this injury isn’t causing any problems. I am a love of a dog and really enjoy a good snuggle! My limp does keep me from a really active lifestyle but I am good for some long walks and sniffing about! And I will be great for snuggling by the wood stove through the winter!"

We found Zeke through Rutland County Humane Society in Pittsford, Vermont.

Meet Katie!

"Hello, I am Katie and I am a pretty, petite, female, 1-2 year old Dalmatian mix that was pulled from a local animal shelter in Maryland. I was very happy to go home with my foster mom and run around in her big yard! I am told that I can be very charming especially when I cock my head and put my ears up. I am also playful, curious, and energetic.

Every day is like a new adventure with a yard to explore, birds to listen to and try to figure out where all the chirping is coming from, and squirrels to watch. I love to play, play, play and run around the yard with my two other foster brothers (Cary and Astro)."

We know you are gonna love hanging out with Katie, sitting out on the rustic porch swing and just taking in the great day together.

We found Katie through Chocolate Chip Dalmatian Assistance League in Adelphi, Maryland.

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Meet Frankie!

Fankie is from Italy. He found his way to the states via his military family who went to the trouble to import him back with them but a few months later, decided they didn’t have time for him.

This little guy is stunning, slightly built so can use a few pounds added to his frame. We are pretty sure that Frankie will like his new life in the U.S. of A.

We found Frankie through Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW) in Greenbelt, Maryland.

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Meet Sammy!

We are back from our late summer hiatus!!!

Meet Sammy! Sammy is a cute 4 year old neutered male.

He would do best as an only dog. He does get along with other submissive dogs though. Sammy has lots of energy and he needs a new owner who can teach him how to behave by using positive reinforcement. Sammy has a high prey drive so he needs a 6 ft fence if there is a fence. He would do well on walks too.

Sammy should not be in a home with children. Sammy weighs 26 pounds but he doesn't have any fat on him. Sammy's owner must be willing to take him through a basic dog obedience class and provide proof of completion within four months of the adoption. Proof of enrollment in a dog obedience is required before/at the adoption.

Sammy may just be a great candidate for Doga - doggie yoga, so you'll want to be sure and pick up a yoga bag for your yoga mat!

We found Sammy through Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic, in Laurel, Maryland.

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