Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Meet Maple!

Maple was found as stray, but its clear that this dog once lived in a home.

She loves everyone she meets and is very eager to please. Maple is still very much a puppy. She has quite a bit of energy and hasn't learned much in the way of manners.. yet. She is already learning that she gets a lot more attention for sitting rather than jumping on people, and she picks up on training very quickly.

Maple is friendly with other dogs, and we suggest a home that has another outgoing and playful dog. We think she would be fine in a home with children, and she would do best if given a chance to get out for some exercise daily. Maple is a dog who is sure to make her adopters very happy!

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We found Maple through the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley in Hailey, Idaho.

For more information about Maple, click here!

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Maple is such a cute puppy! Any idea how old she is? It often takes time to teach puppies to obey commands and have manners, but the time is well spent. Having a well-trained dog is just as important as having well-behaved children, and guests certainly appreciate it. I hope Maple finds a good home that already currently has a dog so she can have a playmate. Having two labs was the best decision I ever made. A playmate makes all the difference in the world to dogs and takes some of the exercise responsibilities off of you!