Meet Bella!

Bella is a beautiful 1-year-old basset hound with lots of energy and lots of love. She is as sweet as she is lovely. Bella is sure to melt your heart.

Bella loves to wrestle with people on the floor and run and play with other dogs. She has lots of energy and would do great in a home with kids or other dogs. Her playful nature makes her a joy to have around.

Bella may have a lot of energy, but she calms down quite easily. This girl loves to curl up in your lap and get lots of ear and belly rubs. She is sure to always get her afternoon nap and is careful to take her nap near you. (Should you decide to give out some spontaneous belly rubs.) At night, Bella will cuddle close on the bed. And if that’s not your cup of tea, she is just as happy with a soft blanket or a doggie bed on the floor.

Bella was a stray, so she is still learning basic commands. She is not quite house-trained, yet, but she is doing very well. Bella is a very smart dog and she is eager to please. Obedience is not a problem with her.

If you’re looking for a young basset with lots of energy and lots of love to give, Bella is the girl for you.

We found Bella currently being cared for by Guardian Angel Basset Rescue in Indiana and Illinois. For more information about Bella, click here!